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  • 1600.00 yards
  • 01m 56s /100 yards

Same story as last week but ankle is better. Not ready to kick, but better. Quiet and peaceful swim.

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  • 09m

Ellie Mae

Made a bunch of progress on my IM Wisconsin training plan. The last few I've made have gotten wonky at the end with a 6-week build block, with the block ending in peak week. I decided to NOT do that this time around and am instead just backing out from peak week to be normal 3 week build/1 week recover for the entire plan. Much more logical.

Starts with 7.5 hours the first week and max is 17.5 hours in peak week.

In general the plan is:
Monday: Yoga/rest
Tuesday: Short bike
Wednesday: Medium swim, Medium run
Thursday: Medium bike
Friday: Long swim, Short run
Saturday: Long bike + brick runs starting in May
Sunday: Long run

  • 13m

Upper body seated

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  • 11m

Ellie Mae. My ankle felt achy and hurt-y all day, but much better when I moved with this walk.

Super glorious work from home day. I really needed to sleep in a little and catch up. Sounding like a broken record, but ankle is still s-l-o-w-l-y healing. I'm surprised the deep bruising is still visible, and it's still tender to the touch. But pain is 80% gone. I still have to go down stairs one at a time because that motion is painful. But thinking I'll be able to hop on the trainer before the end of the week.

Rhode Island to Baton Rouge this morning, then back to Atlanta tonight.

Hahaha my co worker took this pic of me on the plane yesterday. We were the only two “non executives” and trying so hard to be cool...! Be cool!

FINALLY felt like my ankle hit a turning point last night. Bruising and pain is manageable now. Still a little swollen, but not walking with a visible limp today.

And flying private on a G280 with black car service on the tarmac is definitely the way to travel. Feeling like a Kardashian today, but in Rhode Island, LOL!

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  • 09m

Ellie Mae

Still with the stiffness and bruising. Work trip tomorrow is going to come so early. I'll have to leave my house around 5:15 a.m.

Ordered another pair of Rothys as I think I'll be living in flats for a long time. I got the black/gray camo pointed toe ones. If anyone wants to try these shoes (I LOVE THEM! This will be my third pair!), I can give you $20 off your first pair if you click here: 

  • Health data: Injury: 2
  • Walking
  • 11m

Took Ellie Mae down to the bottom of the hill and back. I could only do this after ibuprofen kicked in. Bought some fresh arnica gel. Was going to spin on the trainer but my gut (and pain level) is telling me it’s too soon.

  • Health data: Injury: 3
Easy day at home. There’s some really ugly bruising spreading on my ankle and foot now. Hurts in different ways, but swelling is coming down. Still doing ibuprofen and compression sock. Couldn’t find my arnica gel but found a sample of muscle gel with arnica so put that on. Just ready for this to heal up for good.

  • Health data: Injury: 3

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