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  • 30m
Got in at 5 am (plane landed an hour early!) and successfully navigated the RER train, then a transfer to the metro to get to my hotel. Pouring rain! The hotel said it would be a few hours before I could check in, so I went to a corner cafe and had a few cafe cremes. Checked in, took a nap, then headed to my macaron cooking class!

The class was AMAZING! Six ladies all from the USA and we paired up. Each pair made a different filling (lemon curd, vanilla bean custard and chocolate ganache) before making the cookies. Got to take home a huge box of them! Ate dinner at the nice restaurant next to the hotel.

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  • 10m

Ellie Mae walk before heading to the airport.

Last week, one of my colleagues (Director level - above me) announced he's leaving our company. Normally this wouldn't be a big deal - people come and go - but this guy was one of those people who was a cheerleader for me in the background. He really liked my style and has said out loud to others that I should be promoted to a Director and lead our mass comms efforts. I loved that he was such a promoter for me, and that's HARD to come by, so I'm kind of upset he's leaving. He's heading to Comcast's headquarters in Philadelphia, moving his family and everything. Said he's been talking to them for 6 months, walked away multiple times, and they finally offered him something he couldn't refuse. He'll be an incredible contact in my network going forward, but man it still makes you think when people just move on to something better.

Mildly irritated that my only two days in the office this week and BOTH of them have lunch-time meetings scheduled. So much for getting in some quick lunch workouts. Not complaining, not complaining. Got my merit increase notice today (4.5%, which is after a 6.1% raise with my lateral move in October) and bonus's hit the day after I get back from Paris. Going to see if I can get a bike fit appointment for late next week and bring that Argon home 

  • 1h 01m 33s
  • 5.02 miles
  • 12m 16s /Mi

Good run! Got to wear short sleeves!

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Cool down with Ellie Mae

  • 1h 30m
  • 23.23 miles
  • 15.49 Mi/hr

Trainer ride watching basketball.

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  • 08m

Dog walk

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  • 2.54 miles
  • 11m 51s /Mi

Lunch treadmill. Forgot my headphones so listened to the lady next to me gasp and grunt the whole time.

  • 37m 40s
  • 2000.00 yards
  • 01m 53s /100 yards

Friday night swim. They had a sign saying the water was colder than normal due to maintenance and it was glorious. My Garmin recorded 77 degrees. It’s normally 82. This included 8x50 sprints so a wee bit faster average.

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  • 07m

Ellie Mae

Down 1.6 pounds this week for a total of 3.1 pounds. All though I had to get on my backup scale because my normal scale gave me the same reading as last week, which is virtually impossible with my calories in and out this week. My backup scale historically reads HIGHER, but today it read a pound lower. So I'm going with that because it makes the most sense based on my meticulous tracking efforts. 

I was all prepared to start the search for a new dog sitter since my go-to had raised her prices multiple times over the last year. I had bookmarked one gal after a few back and forths around a cancelled work trip, but when I went back to her Rover profile yesterday, she had raised her rate from $35 to $50/night. No ma'am! Went back to my go-to sitter and she had LOWERED her rate $40/night. So we're staying with her for now. Like I'm OK with $40/night but the constant changing of prices is ridiculous. I'm guessing my go-to gal didn't get any jobs at her $45-$50/night rate and realized her sweet spot price point. And jeez if I worked from home more often I would 100% do in-my-home dog-sitting as a side hustle.  Think about just collecting an extra $30-$40/day for hanging out with dogs?!

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