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Ellie Mae

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  • Yoga
  • 20m

Garmin data isn’t coming over as of yesterday. Getting back into Monday night yoga.

People have FEELINGS about that Superbowl halftime show. Me? I LOVED it. I don't enjoy Shakira in general, but she kept her annoying throat-voice-singing to a minimum and I didn't mind her last night. I love J. Lo and I love Latin artists like Bad Bunny and J. Balvin (who most people had no clue who they were - me, I was dancing in my living room and rapping in Spanish!). I love watching high energy shows with killer choreography, stunts and costumes. It was simply amazing.

I know lots of my mom friends were fuming on Facebook about the inappropriateness but c'mon - I'm not sure what they expected? They weren't going to show up in a pant suit LOL! And no one had anything to say about Adam Levine stripping down nearly nekkid last year, soooo..... double standards anyone? haha

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  • 12m 39s /Mi

64 degrees and sunnyyyyy! Such a lovely turn in weather. Ankle was iffy in the beginning but seemed to feel better as I went. I was also running in old shoes with holes in them. Left my gym bag at work Friday :/

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Ellie Mae

Classic Lisa, I’m not terribly impressed by this guy I went out with last night (2nd date). We struggled to chat at the beginning of the night, then it got better. But feeling apathetic about the whole thing. Nothing WRONG with him as a person, I’m just not excited about it.

At dinner, the couple right next to us got engaged! I noticed the guy had gotten up and was on her side of the table, and then without fanfare or a ring, he got down on his knee. I couldn’t hear him and didn’t want to stare, so i didn’t get a good view of what went down. But I loved that there wasn’t applause or a huge commotion. They looked so happy <3

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Trainer watching basketball.

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Ellie Mae

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Shana's spin class - felt GOOD. All though I'm kicking myself for wearing heels to work today (FOR THE FIRST TIME SINCE JAN. 2) because it does not feel good. I thought with them being a big block heel it would distribute the weight but alas, my ankle hates it. Sigh.

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Crowded pool tonight. Proud of myself for getting this in as it was colder than usual outside and I just wanted to go home and curl up.

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Cold dog walk

I finally figured out how emergency response vehicles get around in Atlanta traffic - I've been wondering this since I moved here - with standstill traffic most of every day, how do they get anywhere?? This morning was a messy commute with multiple accidents, random police presence and then both an ambulance and fire truck were trying to exit the highway (sirens ON) whilst I was sitting on the exit ramp. I discovered drivers actually did attempt to inch over, both left and right, so the ambulance could plow down the middle of the ramp straddling the lanes. But the fire truck was too wide so it had to wait for the light and then for every car to move out of the way. It's an unsettling feeling to know you're blocking an emergency response vehicle, but there's nothing you can do.

Other random Friday thoughts: I'm considering cutting more meat from my diet. I didn't eat meat for many years in my 20s/30s - and not for any particular reason, it just never sounded good. Then I got into the Whole9 stuff, which was the predecessor to Whole30 and have been eating meat ever since. I have really mixed feelings on it. I made a chickpea tikki masala dish last night and didn't miss the meat at all. In fact, I felt so much less heavy after dinner which is what got me thinking. I don't want to go 100% vegetarian, but maybe only make one meat-based dish per week.

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Trainer - got my heart rate up to 162 again!

  • 13m

Light upper body

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Ellie Mae

So this guy I went out with - has no kids, never been married, in the insurance/underwriting industry. Is a little on the quiet side, but we had a lot to talk about in terms of music, travel and life in general. We have plans for dinner Saturday night. I forever have low expectations, so we'll see!

Working from home today and getting increasingly frustrated with a volunteer role I took on for a regional industry board. There are two ladies in particular who have an inerrant need to control everything but yet not in their area of responsibility. Like they 100% of the time have opinions or change requests on things that don't materially matter - just picky as shit comments. Today I started calling them out on it  in an attempt to lower my workload. I literally spent most of the morning on what should have been a simple email to members about registering for a webinar.

  • 25m 01s
  • 2.13 miles
  • 11m 45s /Mi

Lunch treadmill - can still "feel" the ankle but able to run. Praise be! (I'm on season 3 of Handmaid's Tale, can you tell? lol)

This felt super good as I'm feeling bloated and frumpy today. Part of that is the drinks and staying out late last night, but I think the other part is I made a really salty soup this week not realizing HOW salty it was until it was too late. I think the sodium is just bloating the crap out of me. The soup TASTES great - it's a Whole30 Zupa Toscana knock off (Olive Garden?) that has italian sausage, turkey bacon, potatoes, onion and kale in a stock/coconut milk base. DELICIOUS, but when I tried to mask the coconut flavor I dumped way too much extra salt in. Probably didn't need ANY with the other salty content. Lesson learned.

Skipped my trainer ride last night in lieu of a first date! Guy was promising. We had great conversations for like 5 hours. He's my age and lives really close (a prerequisite for dating in Atlanta LOL!). Got home late last night so am dragging today. 

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Ellie Mae

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