• 11m 58s
  • 3.25 miles
  • 16.30 Mi/hr

3 min warmup
1 mile hard
30 sec recovery
0.5 mile hard
30 sec recovery
0.25 mile hard
2 min cooldown

Easy, quick bike workout. Nothing special. On the upright trainer at the gym.

  • 2h 00m

Workout 1, 1pm:
Back/Tri's/Front and Lateral Delts

Set 1, 4 rounds:

  • Alternating grip (overhand/medial) prone row on bench

  • Triset 1, 4 rounds:
  • Unilateral cable mid row on bosu
  • Side extensions
  • One arm upright row on bosu

  • Triset 2, 4 rounds:
  • Close grip lat pulldown
  • Lateral delt machine
  • V-bar pressdown

  • Triset 3, 4 rounds:
  • Low row (I got 10 reps @ 360# on set 4!)
  • Dips to failure
  • 45-degree raises

  • Workout 2, 830pm:
    Superset 1, 2 rounds:
  • Unilateral cable row on bosu
  • Decline pushups with one leg in the air

  • Superset 2, 2 rounds:
  • Unilateral bosu plank row
  • Spiderman pushups with hands on bosu

  • Superset 3, 2 rounds:
  • L-pullups
  • Close grip pushups with hands on dumbbells, one foot on bosu, one leg in the air

  • Superset 4, 2 rounds:
  • Hanging leg raises with knees to chest
  • Hanging windshield wipers

  • I actually got a set of 10 and a set of 8 windshield wipers tonight. My abs are getting super strong from doing all the ab work with clients during the day. The six pack is back!

    • Health data: Sleep: 4 Stress: 5 Soreness: 4 Fatigue: 4 Hours slept: 6
    • 17m 52s
    • 1000.00 yards
    • 01m 47s /100 yards

    400 - 724, 150pace
    300 - 527, 148pace
    200 - 335, 147pace
    100 - 126, 126pace

    • 50m

    LEG DAY! Ouch...two days after a marathon and I set a new squat PR...6 full squats at 245#. Not a whole hell of a lot, but a PR for me nonetheless!

    Set 1, 4 rounds:

  • Heavy squats...185, 205, 225, 245

  • Set 2, 4 rounds:
  • Heavy deadlifts...225, 225, 225, 225

  • Superset 1, 3 rounds:
  • Sumo hack squat...325, 325, 325
  • Kneeling leg curl...50, 50, 50

  • Superset 2, 3 rounds:
  • Leg extensions...210, 210, 230
  • Seated leg curls...130, 130, 150

  • I could barely stand after this one. My legs were definitely fried.

    • Crossfit
    • 09m 05s

    This workout kinda sucked. I wanted it to be harder. Oh well, they can't all be winners.

    25 walking lunges
    10 pullups
    15 pushups
    20 situps
    25 walking lunges
    10 thrusters
    15 sumo deadlift high pull
    20 split jerks
    25 walking lunges
    20 plate swings
    15 hang squat cleans
    10 something i can't remember
    25 walking lunges
    20 situps
    15 pushups
    10 pullups
    25 walking lunges

    My legs were already fried after leg day. Vic beat me in this workout by over 20 seconds.

    Totally booked day for me today. 24 sessions...OUCH!!  Hopefully I will be able to stand/breathe when I'm done tonight.  I've already done my own workout, plus swam, plus I've been doing abs with clients all day.  I am TIIIIIIIRED!!!!

    • Health data: Sleep: 4 Stress: 5 Soreness: 4 Fatigue: 4
    • 2h 00m

    Workout 1 - 1300

    Set 1, 4 rounds:

  • Incline barbell press

  • Triset 1, 4 rounds:
  • Flat bench press
  • Concentration curl
  • Rear delt flye

  • Triset 2, 4 rounds:
  • Incline flye
  • Bosu ball DB curl
  • High to low rear delt pull

  • Triset 3, 3 rounds:
  • Pec deck
  • Plate curl
  • Rear delt pec deck flye

  • Workout 2 - 1900

    Triset 1, 3 rounds:
  • Unilateral flat DB press
  • Bosu DB curl
  • 45 degree raises

  • Triset 2, 3 rounds:
  • Pec deck
  • Rope hammer curl
  • Unilateral high to low rear delt flye

  • Triset 3, 3 rounds:
  • Spiderman pushups
  • Cable curls kneeling on fitball
  • Dumbell bent over rear delt flye

  • Abs set, 2 rounds:
  • Decline situps with external rotation
  • Russian twists
  • Turkish getups

  • OMG, I worked out for TWO HOURS!! Bad Q. WAAAAAAY too much chest/biceps work lately...need to do more back/tri's...since my triceps need attention anyway.

    I'm also getting "bodybuilder abs". I need to stop doing abs workouts with my clients.

    I was really tired all day at work, but I made it thru.  I even managed to work out twice today...on my REST DAY! :)

    On a different note...Terri needs good thoughts and prayers as she is in the hospital again, she will have her lungs drained again tomorrow and will be in Morton Plant Hospital for at least 5 days.  

    • Health data: Sleep: 4 Stress: 3 Soreness: 4 Fatigue: 3 Hours slept: 8
    • 3h 11m 21s
    • 26.52 miles
    • 07m 13s /Mi

    The course was a bit long today. I trust the Garmin.

    Well, I didn't get a PR today, but I did get the top 50 I wanted. I was 48th overall and 10th in age group. Yeah, I was 5th in AG last year, but the race was twice the size of last year's race, so I'm totally okay with this result. 3:11 is nothing to be upset about. It's still my fastest of the three marathons I've run so far this year.

    The wind today was just unbelievable! Steady at around 15-20mph and some gusts were around 30. It was crazy on Davis Island and it was even worse down in South Tampa. The wind all but stopped me in my tracks at one point and it was hard to get back up to speed!

    All in all, a good day. The effort was there, the ability was there. Without the wind and rain I would have gone sub 3:05 no doubt. I was at 2:30 at Mile 22. Then the unthinkable...a cramp in my right hamstring, and one in my left calf. AND MORE WIND! The wind in the last 4 miles was just more than my legs could push thru, being cramped and tired. Oh year.

    0445 - I feel rested and ready to go!!  This race is typically a PR race for me, let's see how it goes!  My training hasn't been for speed lately and I have been doing a lot of weight training, but I think I feel goo enough to kick out a good time today.  I had been hoping for a top 20 finish, but this year the race is almost twice what it was last year, so top 50 will be great for me.  The registered number of runners is something like 1800, as opposed to 980 last year.  If I can hit a top 50 finish I'll be more than satisfied.  Here goes...

    • Health data: Sleep: 4 Stress: 4 Soreness: 5 Fatigue: 5 Hours slept: 7 Overall Workout: 4
    • RACE DAY: Bank of America Gasparilla Marathon
    • 1h 00m

    Fun sweaty workout with Mike...pumped us up for tomorrow...I almost feel like I should get up early tomorrow and do some stuff like this to pump myself up for the marathon!!

    Triset 1, 4 rounds:

  • Unilateral incline dumbbell press
  • Dumbbell curls on BOSU ball
  • Unilateral rear delt cable flye

  • Triset 2, 3 rounds:
  • Flat dumbbell press on stability ball
  • Scott curl
  • Bent over rear delt dumbbell row

  • Superset 1, 3 rounds:
  • Cable flyes on BOSU ball
  • Barbell drag curl

  • Abs set 1, 2 rounds:
  • Hanging leg raises
  • Alternate leg-up crunches
  • Oblique leg raises

  • Core set 1, 2 rounds:
  • Turkish get ups

  • Abs set 2, 3 rounds:
  • Decline situps
  • Pushups on stability ball
  • Dragon flags

  • The weights were light and the reps were high, but we still got a good sweat going, and a great workout. I felt energized I wanted to run a marathon. :)

    1815 - Workout is done, now I just have to cook us a nice wheat pasta and salad dinner.  We'll have some yogurt and fruit for dessert.  Then...bedtime.  Big day tomorrow!!

    1500 - Good thing we decided to go to the expo when we did today.  We got there, registered, and were told that there were only 4 slots left in the entire race after us.  4 slots!!  I almost missed it!  It's never sold out before, so I never figured on having to pre-register...well, next year I'd better do that or I'm gonna be sorry come race weekend when there aren't any slots left!  OK, anyway, all registered for tomorrow.
                Mike and I are gonna go to the gym for a workout since we just ate a huge bunch of food.  Time to get the blood flowing so I don't konk out.  Carbo loading makes me tired!  We'll keep the weights light and go for a half hour, just to stay focused and strong.  I'll do a couple of leg moves (no weight) just to stay stretched. 
                Tonight I am just gonna cook us a nice pasta dinner so we aren't eating anything exotic before a race.  I've learned my lesson with eating sushi on pre-race day.  So...wheat pasta, salad, and a drink.  That's it.

    • Health data: Sleep: 4 Stress: 5 Soreness: 4 Fatigue: 4 Hours slept: 8 Overall Workout: 5
    • 08m 05s
    • 1.25 miles
    • 06m 28s /Mi

    5 splits on treadmill during CrossFit.

    • Crossfit
    • 14m 25s

    For time:
    Run .25mi
    21 Situps
    10 Pushups
    Run .25mi
    18 Situps
    8 Pushups
    Run .25mi
    15 Situps
    6 Pushups
    Run .25mi
    12 Situps
    4 Pushups
    Run .25mi
    9 Situps
    2 Pushups
    100 Jumpropes

    Time - 14:25

    Long day.

    • Health data: Sleep: 3 Stress: 5 Soreness: 4 Fatigue: 3
    • 07m 01s
    • 1.00 miles
    • 07m 01s /Mi

    One mile run after the abs workout. I actually felt nice and loose after doing the abs routine. Maybe that's what I'll do before the marathon, except not as least my back and abs will feel warmed up.

    • 30m

    Vic was in a meeting in Clearwater so I had to do my own workout today. I did the most kickass abs workout! Just triple-setted a bunch of advanced and simple abs moves for a real midsection crusher!! I think I can make it even harder too! There were a couple cool moves I didn't do here.

    Triset 1, 2 rounds:

  • Decline situps with 8# medicine ball
  • Dragon flags with 3 second hold
  • Dumbbell crunches (crunches with one dumbbell in press position, one dumbbell held an inch off the ground, at your side)

  • Triset 2, 2 rounds:
  • Unilateral hanging leg raises with knees to chest in same motion
  • Windshield wipers
  • 1/4 situps (basically just a crunch with the legs held at 90 degree angles)

  • Triset 3, 2 rounds:
  • Crunches with alternate leg lifts
  • Oblique crunches
  • Alphabets

  • Core superset, 2 rounds:
  • Turkish getups
  • Russian twists on decline bench

  • Turkish getups rock. Plain and simple.

    1425 - Nap time!!!

    1155 - Damn, it's a good thing I'm taking Saturday off!!! My body is tired...and I don't mean from the workouts, I mean from standing up all day.  My feet are thrashed.  They definitely need a day to recover before the marathon.  Today's not such a busy day at work (until 1700 anyway) so I'm gonna go rest at Terri and Pete's for a while this afternoon. 
                Tonight I leave work at 1900 and head out to Orlando...
                Gasparilla weekend is gonna totally rock!! 
                I'm supposed to be doing runs this week but I think my feet are gonna suffer if I I'm skipping them.  I'm getting nice and lean so I think I should be in great shape for Sunday if I just take it easy.  I might try to run 2 miles today to see how I feel, but I'm not gonna push it.

    • Health data: Sleep: 3 Stress: 5 Soreness: 4 Fatigue: 3 Hours slept: 7

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