• 39m 12s
  • 2112.00 yards
  • 01m 52s /100 yards

HOLY WAVES!!! Slow swim pace for me, but it was pretty crazy out there...much more wavy than anything I swam in during the past few weeks. Even so...it was a blast!! I enjoyed every seconds of it.

  • 2h 37m 37s
  • 56.00 miles
  • 21.32 Mi/hr

HOLY WIND!!! Big 20mph headwind for the first 12 or so miles. Then crosswinds and tailwind for the rest of the day. Fun bike...felt good, nutrition was spot on.

  • 2h 02m 30s
  • 13.10 miles
  • 09m 21s /Mi

Run started out great. Breezy and overcast. Then around Mile 4 the sun came out and the humidity went crazy. The wind went away and I started overheating...my heart rate spiked and I just fell apart. Stomach cramps etc. At least my legs weren't the problem this time. Yay. It was 92 degrees when I left PCB at 130pm...I finished after 12pm, so it must have been about this temp when I finished.

2330 - Good swim, good bike, bad run today.  Long trip home.  Just wanna sleep now.  Will update tomorrow.

0425 - Yet another race day.  I am looking forward to the summer when I don't have to prepare for a race every few weeks.  It'll be nice to get back to TRAINING.  One nice thing is that I have a whole 6 weeks til CdA so I can actually train.  Yay!
            OK, half iron time.  Let's get this done.  I'm hoping for anything better than my last HIM time which was a pretty bad day.  Disney 2008 was a 5:27.  Hopefully I can improve on that today.  I'd love a sub 5 but I feel like 5:15 is a better target for today given my year so far.

  • Health data: Sleep: 4 Stress: 4 Soreness: 4 Fatigue: 4 Overall Workout: 3
  • RACE DAY: Gulf Coast Triathlon
2120 - OK so most of this day sucked.  Dinner with Sue, Pete, Melissa, and Jackie was fun.  But everything else seemed to be a stressfest all day.  And then to top it all off, I dropped my phone in the road tonight and the screen cracked...so I have no phone, no way to get in touch with people on race morning, no way to call anyone after the race.  Good thing I know the way home, cuz I obviously have no GPS either.  Right now the plan is to go to the Sprint Store after the race (I found it on 23rd St. this evening driving home, thanks to Pete's directions) and I will try to go tomorrow to get a replacement.  I am kicking myself in the ass for dropping it in such a place where I need it.  Sheesh...idiot!  OK, going to sleep now.  7 hours of sleep will be plenty for race day.

0545 - Leaving for PCB today!  Missed my 0530 target but I wanted to sleep a little longer.  I should be on the road in about 15 minutes.  No workouts today except for maybe a little swim later when I get there.  It's the same swim course as IMFL so it's not like I'm not familiar with it.  I just wanna see how the water feels and how warm it is.  The forecast says very light winds and nice temp for tomorrow.  Not sure if we'll get to wear wetsuits.  Still no word on the oil spill and if it will affect the Florida Panhandle yet.  Guess we'll see tomorrow.  Time to go! 

  • Health data: Sleep: 4 Stress: 4 Soreness: 4 Fatigue: 4
  • 17m 46s
  • 2.00 miles
  • 08m 53s /Mi

Ran with a girl from the Feet First running group. She was pretty consistent. I analyzed her running style as she ran. It was good for me to get moving at least. Haven't run really at all lately. Just trying to get my legs fully recovered before starting IM training.

  • 30m

Just some easy back, bi's, and core stuff with John. Light weights, 15 reps of everything. No work at all really.

0845 - Today is "look at myself and take stock" day.  Well, I've swum in the open water a whole hell of a lot over the past few weeks so I'm pretty sure I'm comfortable with anything the Gulf can throw at me on Saturday.  My legs feel strong for the bike.  I haven't really run a lot, but I'm hoping that's a good thing since I really don't need the run training.  Do I feel sub-5-able?  Not really.  But do I feel a nice big 1/2 Iron PR?  Yes.  My best HIM is 5:27, at Disney in 2008...and it was a BAD day.  I'm not sure I can pull out a 4:59 just now, but I am pretty confident in beating that 5:27 by a good margin on Saturday.  Well, given that the swim actually happens (oil spill) and that the waves (on the swim) and the winds (on the bike) aren't insane.  I have revamped my nutrition plan too, so I'm pretty confident my stomach issues will not occur.  I've identified the supplements and nutritionals that have been upsetting my stomach and I've simply left them out of my plan.  This should make it better. 
               Today, I have to pack and get everything ready, in addition to working ALL THREE of my jobs.  Long day.  Going to bed as early as possible today so I can be out of here by 0530 tomorrow.  I wanna be up in PCB by noon.

  • Health data: Sleep: 4 Stress: 4 Soreness: 4 Fatigue: 4 Overall Workout: 4
Swim #1
  • 21m 15s
  • 1200.00 yards
  • 01m 46s /100 yards

OWS at CLW Beach with Renee. The usual suspects on the usual course. Today...it was anything but usual.

Holy crazy swim!! I've not seen conditions like this since Jess, Rich, and I went swimming before my first IM in 2007! HUGE waves, insane current.

The 600yds south trip took an incredible 13:28! That's over 2 minutes per 100 yards!! The way back was 7:47! It was HALF the time. There was a time when I felt the current actually carrying me forward. Insane. Most fun I've had swimming at CLW so far!

Swim #2
  • 18m 57s
  • 1200.00 yards
  • 01m 35s /100 yards

I swam AGAIN!! I was gonna have dinner with Betsy but it turned into "let's swim before dinner, the waves are awesome". So that's what we did. Fun times.

The current and the waves weren't as impressive as the morning, hence the faster time. But still a big fight going out.

600 yards south - 11:16
600 yards north - 7:41

Managed to catch a couple waves on the swim towards shore when I was done. Body surfing is a little different in a wetsuit. Not as fulfilling though.

  • Body Surfing
  • 45m

This was ACTUAL body surfing at Clearwater Beach. The breakers today were 4 and 5 feet high, so this is waaaaay unheard of down here. You just HAVE to take the opportunity when it happens. I felt like a kid again...jumping in the water, letting the waves crash on me, riding them in and getting smashed into the sand. Fun times!! We laughed like 10 year olds!!

1525 - Been a good day so far!!  Good times with good friends and lots of being outside.  I also cleaned out my storage unit and I think I can actually bring MORE stuff to it and get it out of the house!!

  • Health data: Sleep: 4 Stress: 4 Soreness: 4 Fatigue: 4 Overall Workout: 5
  • 45m

I already forgot all the crap I did.

  • Yoga
  • 1h 00m

HOT LUNCH Yoga...it was a combo of Bikram and Vinyasa Ashtanga. One set of the Bikram postures (but not all of them) and you flow right from that into a Vinyasa and then into the next Bikram posture. Interesting...no rest. Just an hour of movement with no stopping in between.

0900 - The puppy kept me up pretty much all night with her whining.  She started at 1am and didn't stop til I got up at 7.  I would fall asleep for 20 minutes and then she'd yelp again and wake me up.  It was ALL NIGHT.  I took her out at 3am and it didn't matter, she still kept doing it.  This is extremely frustrating because I have a race this weekend and I'm not getting the rest I need during my taper week.  Tonight I am thinking she may get a small amount of Benadryl (must call vet first) and then I WILL TAKE SOME.  Plus, I am gonna use ear plugs.  That should get me some rest tonight.  Luckily I don't have to be up SUPER early tomorrow, gonna go swim with Renee in the morning but not til 730 so at least I don't have to be up at 545 or 6.  I will go to bed early tonight, as soon as I get home from picking up my buddy John at the airport at 8.  I should be in bed by 1030.  If I get up at 645, that's more than 8hrs of sleep...so that should be good.
             I've also decided that to keep myself on schedule I'm gonna have to write pretty much everything out.  I lose track of so many things.  I am gonna literally start having to write out when I wake up, eat, brush my teeth, etc.  I just forget everything because I am so overstimulated.  I literally forget to eat meals, or do mundane things because I am so focused on staying on track with work.  I have three jobs and work 7 days a week now...plus training for Ironman...it's very hard to keep focused when I'm constantly changing directions.  It's like having FORCED A.D.D.

  • Health data: Sleep: 1 Stress: 4 Soreness: 3 Fatigue: 3 Hours slept: 3
  • 1h 00m
  • 19.00 miles
  • -----

Good to be back in spin class!! Made my back feel better and gave my legs a good workout! Mostly upper level endurance work today...not many hills, but lots of resistance.

  • 11m 14s
  • 1.21 miles
  • 09m 17s /Mi

With boot campers as their warmup. It was nice to run a little. Even if it wasn't my own pace.

1150 - No Bikram for me at noon today.  Too much to do.  I may do it tomorrow at noon, I don't have anything else scheduled.  For now, I just wanna catch up on my chores and stuff.  Lots of stuff to get done before I leave for boot camp today.

0815 - Slept pretty well except for when Fiona woke me at 4am to go outside.  Then of course, she peed in the hallway so I had to go clean that up when I was done putting her back in the crate.  AT FOUR AM.  UGH.  I hate being the personal hallway mop service.  At least I was able to get back to sleep and stay there til 8.
               I'm gonna go to spin class today...something I haven't done in like 4 weeks.  I've missed it.  My back is a little sore so being on the bike and climbing will help stretch it out.  Thinking about a noon Bikram class to start the week off.  I won't be able to go on Wednesday because it's too close to race day, so today would be my only option. 

  • Health data: Sleep: 4 Stress: 3 Soreness: 4 Fatigue: 4 Overall Workout: 4
  • 18m 04s
  • 1200.00 yards
  • 01m 31s /100 yards

Clearwater Beach OWS with Renee. Damn we had some WAVES out there! It was like being in NJ when I was a kid...jumping up and being 3 feet off the ground when the wave passes. FUN TIMES!

Lots of current on the way south. Big tailwind and helper current north.

South 600yds - 10:32
North 600yds - 7:32

Great swim today! Tried out Terri's sleeveless wetsuit that Pete gave me. Worked GREAT!! I think I shall use it for Gulf Coast!

1640 - Fun day at Feet First with the gang.  Definitely a better day than I imagined it would be when I woke up.  I can't tell ya how much that swim energized and invigorated me for the day.  It's catchin' up with me now, but I am still having such a blast at work today.  We got totally slammed for like 3 hours, but I sold the hell out of some shoes, socks, and clothes today!
           Dinner with Jess tonight, after she comes and buys shoes from me.  Queen of Sheba Ethiopian Restaurant for us...I am excited...I have never had Ethiopian before.  Should be pretty interesting.  I've had foods from other African countries, but never Ethiopia. Bring on the new exciting cuisine!!

1115 - What a great morning it turned out to be!  I gotta admit, I was right next to NOT going swimming but I'm soooooo glad I did.  The water was awesome...big waves to conquer, lots of current to fight, and great cardio.  It gave me great energy to enjoy the day, and what a nice day it's turning out to be...okay, it's hot and humid, but the sun is out and I feel like a million bucks.  I'm working all day, but I'm working with a good friend and enjoying a fun day selling running shoes and talking about sports and triathlon.  Life is good.

  • Health data: Sleep: 3 Stress: 4 Soreness: 4 Fatigue: 4 Overall Workout: 4

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