Run #1
  • 43m 55s
  • 5.10 miles
  • 08m 36s /Mi

To start the day off, I ran from home to the globo gym so I could use the pool.

  • 09m 05s
  • 500.00 yards
  • 01m 49s /100 yards

Then I did a swim WOD.
10 rounds for time...
Swim 50yds, with 10-10-8-8-6-6-4-4-2-2 alternating dumbbell snatches, 30#

The swim time is the 10 x 50 yds during swim/snatch workout

Run #2
  • 06m 48s
  • 0.75 miles
  • 09m 04s /Mi

Slow easy run from the globo gym to the shop so I could get my single speed.

Bike #1
  • 07m 14s
  • 2.01 miles
  • 16.67 Mi/hr

Rode the single speed from the shop to the box.

Bike #2
  • 22m 31s
  • 6.58 miles
  • 17.53 Mi/hr

Final ride of the day. From the box, back home. My legs were trashed and my head really wanted to spin around and fly off.

Sport #1
  • Crossfit
  • 13m 50s

First WOD of the day, at the globo gym pool.

See swim.

Sport #2
  • Crossfit
  • 19m 27s

3 rounds of "Barbara"

20 pullups
30 pushup
40 situps
50 squats
Rest 3 minutes between rounds.

I did all the pullups unbroken. This is a big step for me, my pullups (actually my gymnastics overall) have been getting a lot better lately. YAY!!

  • Calories out: 3910 From lifestyle:2588, From activities:1322
  • Health data: Sleep: 4 Stress: 4 Soreness: 4 Fatigue: 4 Hours slept: 9 Overall Workout: 4
  • 31m 38s
  • 8.31 miles
  • 15.76 Mi/hr

I rode my single speed from home to the box, and then to work from the box after the WOD.

  • 12m 13s
  • 1.25 miles
  • 09m 47s /Mi

Run splits during the 31 Heroes WOD.
5 x 400 with 45# sandbag on my shoulders. OUCH

  • Crossfit
  • 31m

31 Heroes WOD.
This was one INSANE workout. I was tired after this week's workouts for sure, but I even took a day off this week and I was still struggling during the WOD to lift even a 105# bar. SHEESH.

31 min partner AMRAP
#1 does 400m sandbag run (45#)
#2 does 8 thrusters (155#), 6 rope climbs, and 11 box jumps (30") until #1 gets back from the run, and then switch off.

I partnered with an ex-Marine, who I work out with fairly regularly. We were both really wrecked from this week's workouts, so we decided on a 105# thruster instead of the 155# cuz it would have been too much for us after the hell we put our shoulders thru in the past few days.

Other than that, we RX'd everything...even for two short (I'm 5'4" he's 5'5") guys we still rocked the box jumps at 30". I can climb a rope like nobody's business so I rocked those out while he was out running. I took my time on the runs, cuz he usually would get thru the thrusters and a few climbs while I was out running. I took care of the rest of the climbs and the box jumps.

It was a good WOD but damn it took forever. Usually a 20 minute WOD is epic...this was 31 frickin minutes!! OUCH!! But I really needed a good workout today. Biking to and from the gym was definitely a great way to round out a tough workout.

  • Calories out: 3351 From lifestyle:2626, From activities:725
  • Health data: Sleep: 3 Stress: 4 Soreness: 3 Fatigue: 3 Hours slept: 9 Overall Workout: 4
Sport #1
  • Chiropractic
  • 15m


Sport #2
  • Massage
  • 30m

Head, neck, shoulders. Specialized deep tissue therapy. I should be doing this weekly.

Rest day today.  I had an adjustment and a massage.  Nice to let my body rest for a day to recharge.  Tomorrow is the 31 Heroes WOD at the gym so it'll definitely make up for not working out today. 

31 minute AMRAP. It's gonna be crazy. 

  • Calories out: 2764 From lifestyle:2640, From activities:124
  • Health data: Sleep: 4 Stress: 4 Soreness: 4 Fatigue: 3 Hours slept: 10
  • 45m 26s
  • 12.90 miles
  • 17.04 Mi/hr

Home to the box
6.24 miles @ 23:07

Box to work
2.01 miles @ 8:17

Work to home
4.45 miles @ 14:02

Total of 12.9 miles @ 45:26
17mph average, not bad for a single speed and lots of wind.

  • 01m 10s
  • 0.25 miles
  • 04m 40s /Mi

WOD 1:
All out 400m

I think this may be a PR.

Sport #1
  • Crossfit
  • 20m

WOD 1:
All out 400m

Rest 5 min

WOD 2:
50 pullups for time (5 burpees at every minute mark)
1:47 (only had to do 5 burpees)

Rest 5 min

WOD 3:
Row 2000m for time
Was hoping for under 8 minutes but close enough.

Sport #2
  • Plyometrics
  • 12m

Run drills...lots of jumping...
Backpedal 100m
Burpee broad jumps 25m
Butt kickers 25m
Hitler kicks 25m
Spiderman walk 25m
High knees 25m
High skips 25m
Karaoke 100m

  • Calories out: 3491 From lifestyle:2635, From activities:856
  • Health data: Sleep: 3 Stress: 4 Soreness: 4 Fatigue: 4 Hours slept: 8 Overall Workout: 4
Sport #1
  • Crossfit
  • 20m 40s

Today was the repeat of a WOD we did on July 1. My time that day was 21:52.

4 rounds for time of-
10 power cleans 115#
15 burpee over bar
20 KB swing 53#
25 wall ball 20#

Number 1 goal was to beat last time, which I did, by 1 minute, 12 seconds. But my secret goal was to get under 20 minutes. I didn't get sub-20 because I think I went too hard on the cleans in the first two rounds...quick and unbroken. My back started feeling weak in round 3 so I did 'em 2 at a time and the KB swings really took some time cuz my hips were tired.

Let me just say this...
Okay, so that being least I PR'ed this WOD. Progress is progress.

Sport #2
  • Rowing
  • 04m 09s

Nice n easy 1000m. 30 sec medium effort, 30 sec very light effort. Good warmup.

  • Calories out: 2876 From lifestyle:2680, From activities:196
  • 16m


  • SHOULDERS - Snatch

New snatch PR!

Sport #1
  • Crossfit
  • 13m

For time-
9 snatch @ 80% 1RM (105#)
18 ring dips
30 double unders
6 snatch
12 ring dips
30 double unders
3 snatch
6 ring dips
30 double unders
6 snatch
12 ring dips
30 double unders
9 snatch
18 ring dips
30 double unders

I had no idea I was going as fast as I was. I figured I'd be in the 15 to 16 minute range on this. But when I finished my last snatch, I realized I was only at 11:35...I thought I might be able to score somewhere in the 12s. The last set of ring dips really took me a while so my dubs were slow in the last round. But I made 13 minutes flat. I was pretty happy with that, since yesterday's workout was also really tough.

Sport #2
  • Rowing
  • 01m 17s

Just a quick 300m to start the day.

Sport #3
  • Stretching
  • 10m

Mobility stuff. Feeling really flexy lately...this is good!

  • Calories out: 2883 From lifestyle:2644, From activities:240
  • Health data: Sleep: 4 Stress: 4 Soreness: 4 Fatigue: 3 Hours slept: 10 Overall Workout: 4
  • 07m 13s
  • 1.00 miles
  • 07m 13s /Mi

CrossFit run splits.
4 x 400 during the WOD.

My first two were pretty speedy, sub 7 min pace. Actually, my first one was under 630 pace. But by the last 400 I was pretty gassed already so I barely made sub 8 pace.

Split/Pace: 137/627, 140/642, 149/718, 159/758

  • Crossfit
  • 26m

This was one VERY cardio-intense WOD. Not heavy, although it did use some barbell and kettlebell movements. 30 reps of full-body movements make running VERY hard. Then...burpees after running? SHEESH!!

4 rounds of-
5 min clock:
10 thrusters 75#
10 box jumps 24"
10 KB swings 53#
Run 400m
Remainder of 5 minutes, do max burpees.
REST 2 minutes between rounds.

Score is ONLY the burpees achieved after the run.
My scores were 37, 33, 24, and 22. NOT ONE OTHER PERSON did over 30 in even the first round, nevermind the second. There are some heavy hitters in the 6 and 7 pm classes so we'll see how my score holds up. :)

Either way, I did 116 burpees in a little over 7 and a half minutes. When I returned from the runs, my times left were 2:30, 2:21, 1:32, and 1:31 respectively. I kept up my burpee pace each round, doing at least 13 per minute.

I was naughty over the weekend with alcohol and food. 

Subsequently, my weight is up a little bit this Monday morning but I'll shave it off by tomorrow.  The WOD today will be pretty intense.  Definitely looking forward to it. 


  • Calories out: 2956 From lifestyle:2638, From activities:318
  • Health data: Sleep: 5 Stress: 4 Soreness: 4 Fatigue: 4 Hours slept: 11

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