• 57m 39s
  • 23.65 miles
  • 24.61 Mi/hr
  • 42m 21s
  • 6.28 miles
  • 06m 44s /Mi
  • 30m 04s
  • 1640.42 yards
  • 01m 50s /100 yards

Gonna wait for the official timing to come in to put it in the log, but by my watch it was:

2:15:54, 13th in AG, 88th overall.  (That part was on the result board at the race, so I know that is accurate.  Just need to wait for splits).

Swim was still my achilles heel and even though I did swim over 90% or so freestyle I just never got into a rhythm and time was around 31:40.  Goal was under 30, oh well.

T1 was nyah because it was a long run to my bike and then we had to bag up all our stuff so they could take it back to the T2 site for later pick up - 2:18-ish.

Bike rocked and even though it took a bit to get my HR settled (you start immediately climbing out of downtown) I only got passed by one person early, and that was one of the West Pointers (who had two of the top 3 overall amateurs and I'm pretty sure that was one of them).  23 miles and I did it in 57:38-ish.  I wanted to break an hour so that rocked.

T2 was not blazing again but I had some issues with my shoes not going on right and it was another longish run out - 1:59.

Run was mediocre at best as I just wasn't into it that much and didn't feel like really pushing.  Just settled into a pace and sort of held it.  Good news was that only three people passed me, and no one from my AG.  Time of around 42:22 for the 6.3 mile course (slightly over 10k).  I wanted to be under 40, oh well.

For the whole day I never got passed by anyone in my AG and passed buckets.  If I was just better at the swim and not F up my transitions as much I would have easily been 5 minutes faster.  And not slack on the run .......  That made it not such a great race for me knowing that I should have been faster.  I was hoping to break 2:10 and wanted to be under 30 for the swim.  But I had a great ride, which is always my focus and where I have the most fun.  Really curious to see where my bike split was overall.  I'm hoping it was way up there ........

  • Health data: Sleep: 2 Stress: 3 Soreness: 3 Fatigue: 3 Hours slept: 4 Overall Workout: 3

Rest day today.  Got down to Annapolis to pick up my race packet and such yesterday, so I only have to rack the bike today and not worry about the registration.  Since we are not sure how long the builder/lawyers are going to be here I want to try to minimize what I need to do for the race.

I did buy a cool cycling jersey that says The Annapolis Triathlon on it.  It was a neat design and I can always use more jerseys.

Well, the "inspection" is done.  8 frickin' people needed to be on their team to walk through the house.  But it really wasn't that bad.  Kept the levity up with Mir and even made lunch for us right in the middle so they would have to see and smell it as we ate. ;)

  • Health data: Sleep: 3 Stress: 2 Soreness: 3 Fatigue: 3 Hours slept: 7.5
  • 18m 08s
  • 1000.00 yards
  • 01m 49s /100 yards

1 x 500 in wetsuit (8:42)
1 x 500 in speedsuit (9:25)

Just on the off chance that the swim wasn't going to be allowed in a wetsuit I ordered a Desoto Liftfoil speedsuit from Trisports last week and it came in Tuesday.

Glad to say that I have a body that doesn't look out of place in the speedsuit. Makes me look all fast and professional even though most 7 year olds are faster than me. ;)

Well, with today only as a short swim to make sure everything fits right and yesterday's easy run and short (but fast ride) I've given myself every opportunity to rest up.  Tomorrow is also a rest day even though it is going to be very stressful with the builder and their lawyers and expert witnesses combing through our house all day.  We have not been looking forward to this experience. :(

  • Health data: Sleep: 3 Stress: 3 Soreness: 3 Fatigue: 3 Hours slept: 7 Overall Workout: 4
  • 30m 59s
  • 11.00 miles
  • 21.30 Mi/hr

Dress Rehearsal

Easy spin out of the hood (about 2 miles) then hammer for about 7 on the bike in full get-up with 999's on the bike (so no speedometer on the bike, only cadence). Kept HR around 160-ish and was usually in the 53x16 or 17 (about 25 - 27-ish mph or so). Easy 2 miles home.

  • 27m 35s
  • 3.00 miles
  • 09m 11s /Mi


Easy loop around the hood to just keep the legs going.

Flipped 1,000 miles for running today. Not sure if I'll make it close to 1,500 like last year but I shouldn't be that far off.

The two younger bugs seem to be coming down with a fever.  Great ........ The middle one stayed home from school and I drove the oldest one to school.  The baby is really fussy and felt warm.  Figures ..... once school starts the house gets nailed with flu/cold/virus bugs.  Hopefully if it hits me, it won't be until next week after the race.  I hate racing sick as it always f's up my abilities.

  • Health data: Sleep: 3 Stress: 3 Soreness: 3 Fatigue: 3 Hours slept: 6 Overall Workout: 3
  • 44m 40s
  • 5.00 miles
  • 08m 56s /Mi


Easy out and back with Cheng to the Port. Warm out, but not ridiculous. Really hungry now ...

  • 36m 52s
  • 2000.00 yards
  • 01m 50s /100 yards

1 x 500 easy (really tired on this one, had to work just to barely maintain 2:00/100).
5 x 100 on 2:15
10 x 50 on 1:00 (1:00 break in between each set of 5)
20 x 25 with :10 rest - worked on distance per stroke for each one.

Swim this morning, easy recovery run at lunch.

  • Health data: Sleep: 2 Stress: 3 Soreness: 3 Fatigue: 3 Hours slept: 6 Overall Workout: 3
  • 1h 37m 43s
  • 33.00 miles
  • 20.26 Mi/hr

Princeton Sports ride.

8 miles easy to get out there (a bit of a tailwind, so was just over 19 average). Ride with the group until the turn-off to go home, then cruise the last 10 home.

Plan was to sit in and go easy today, I even started the mantra of "must not go with fast group, must not go with fast group" out loud. So I didn't go with the fast group .....

Ummmm, I created it. DOH!!! I was doing my usual pull and splintered the group going up the hill. When I looked back there were only 4 others so I just kept it going on the next couple of rollers and flat section. Motoring along at around 28 on the flats and finally pulled off. Then on the next real hill I watched and kept it in the big ring and when the dude who pulled after me rolled off I attacked.

Easily got a couple hundred meters and they looked like they wanted to play, but didn't catch up. So after about a half mile or so I sat up and let them come back to me.

We rolled through for a bit and the one strong guy (who was riding a fixie ......) had to climb at a bit faster pace because of only having one gear, so I jumped up to him and we talked briefly. Then I sat up as the group came back together and let them go finally.

I wasn't pushing, but I caught them on the next downhill and then stayed back on the next big/long uphill (everyone who has done Columbia knows the one I'm talking about - just after you turn left off of Triadelphia) taking it easy. One of the other dudes dropped off a bit too, so I just worked my way back up to him, and then as it became more of gradual false flat I motored and he sat on and I pulled him back up to his buds. It was at that time that I was at my turn off to go home, so I thanked them for the pulls and turned towards home.

Definitely went faste than I wanted to, but I'm a sucker for a fast pack and playing cat and mouse in breaks. Just my old road racer coming out to play!! ;)

  • 59m 55s
  • 8.20 miles
  • 07m 19s /Mi

General Aerobic

Out and back to Crest Rd. sign. Pushed a nice solid effort and kept it even. Rewarded with a few sub-7 miles and a good average.

Kids first day of school today.  From now on my mornings become a challenge ....... especially to try and keep peace in the house and get my workouts in ...... ;-P

  • Health data: Sleep: 3 Stress: 3 Soreness: 3 Fatigue: 3 Hours slept: 6.5 Overall Workout: 4
  • 56m 23s
  • 3000.00 yards
  • 01m 53s /100 yards

1 x 500 moderate
5 x 100 on 2:15, B-3
1 x 400 moderate
5 x 100 on 2:15, B-3
1 x 300 moderate
3 x 100 on 2:15, B-3
1 x 200 moderate
2 x 100 on 2:15, B-3
1 x 100 moderate
1 x 100 hard, B-3

Good swim, not many people at the pool. Luckily there was a faster lady in the lane next to me with a longish workout, so it kept me honest and moving.

Going to try and get down to Annapolis today to get the bike checked out at the designated shop so I don't have to try and rush down there next week with everything we have going on.

  • Health data: Sleep: 2 Stress: 2 Soreness: 3 Fatigue: 3 Hours slept: 6.5 Overall Workout: 3

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