• 36m 06s
  • 11.00 miles
  • 18.28 Mi/hr
  • 40m 21s
  • 3.20 miles
  • 12m 37s /Mi

Includes T2

  • 08m 37s
  • 400.00 yards
  • 02m 09s /100 yards

Includes T1

I suck and I'm slow. Completely discouraged. Will get up early and take it out on myself.

RR- extremely slow.

On a positive note I refueled with Elvis Reese's Big Cup and let me say that Elvis got it right. Oh Elvis is not dead he passed me on the run... along with everyone else. Couch to 5K... I think I had my couch on the course with me.. frankly it wouldn't have made me slower. Looking at the clock was completely horrible because I suck and I apparently hit the lap timer after T1 somewhere at about the 8 minute mark so my watch was saying 1:16 which would have been great however the big clock was saying 1:25 which means I managed to actually get slower over the last two weeks. swim good, Bike sucked and I melted down and walk... well slow. Complete effort in zone 4 which means I had more to go.

Rest day today... RACE TOMORROW!

I'm watching the Kona 2006 videos... inspirational....

Sister Madonna Buder rocks!  I went home and made my wife sit through them so I could watch them again.  I had tears in my eyes watching John Blais that's scary.  It makes you want to join the war on ALS.

  • 35m 15s
  • 2.29 miles
  • 15m 23s /Mi

Couch to 5K... 9 minutes of running

  • 33m 23s
  • 1550.00 yards
  • 02m 09s /100 yards

Distance Estimated

Great swim today... didn't save my initial report for some reason. Distance estimated but I swam 11 min out and 13 back in. Then I swam another 250yds out and back in 10. I felt great. My stroke was easy today and I really wasn't working that hard (ask my HRM). I still freak out a little about pushing it real hard on the swim but time will tell.

Yes I forgot to call bajapat to come swim this am... I legitimately forgot because at the @ss crack it's too early for my brain to function.

I have a brick scheduled later today.

I forgot my shoes at home this morning and I don't really have any motivation to deal with it. I have some old shoes in the trunk if something really occurs (it won't). I have to run to explain something complex to my boss... sigh... I need a new job.


I had to cancel my brick due to the rain sooooo I ran.  I am up to 9min run and I got just about a mile in.  My stride sucked but I survived.  I am pretty geared up for Thursday and a new PR!!!!!!!!! 

  • 1h 22m 06s
  • 22.23 miles
  • 16.25 Mi/hr

!!!!!!!!!PR TODAY!!!!!!!!!!
HRM at home...

I rode out today because my new saddle came in the mail and I needed to go for a ride because I owe the 700 club my taint.   So I go out and I am feeling pretty solid.  I decide to just ride.  I get to the top of the TT course and I'm only averaging 15.4 (my last tt where my seat broke was 17.2 at that split).  Ijust keep riding and when I get to the next big turn I'm averaging 17.2 and I realize that I can get the 18mph goal.  So I turn it up.  My knee feels a little funny so I stay off the big ring and start hammering.  I catch one and then take right off I'm spinning down the road at 26mph and watching my average climb.  I make the turn to the flats and push it way up.  I am really flying I have to sprint for this light and I'm at 25 right through. I hit the last traffic light so it dropped me off 2 tenths.  But I finished at 18.0 PR!!!!!!!!!!!!  Goal met.  I decided to get in another 9 at sandbag pace just to break the butt back in to the regular seat.  During that ride I was standing in the turning lane and this a**hole decides that he needs to drive around me cutting me off while running a red light.  I am pissed and I am thinking about chasing him down to tell him all about it... of course I know he already heard all about it because well it came out repeatedly and loudly and repeatedly... and umm loudly etc...  This leads to my rant of the day:

Why do people who are slowly walking exercising always look so pissed off and what is with that walk.  The two appear related and I think I figured it out.  Apparently in order to feel like you are exercising you need to shove a three foot stick up your butt (which explains the walk) and that is probably enough to make you angry.  For God's sake people smile... one time... I dare you... I triple dog whatever comes next dare you.  These people are worse off than the wounded animal athlete.  You know them they are frequently found on vacation changing their life and have the look like a wounded animal being chased by a bigger hungry animal.  They can't smile so I give them a free pass and I want to offer them a GU but I don't want to get too close just in case they are rabid or are really running from a bear or moose. 

Timberman volunteer experience part 2.  Ok out of warm bed to cool room at 3:55am.  It is dark.  Go prepare my exciting breakfast of Gardenburger soy (sausageish) patties which are surprisingly good on English muffins
 quick look at the thermometer... 44... does that really say 44?  Damn and I agreed to move here.  It's going to be really tough dragging my butt out of bed at 5am in August for long rides at that temperature. I get about a mile away from Ellacoya and it's a parking lot.  I'm saying wow it's just like going to actual work.  The radio stations play the crappiest music at 5am... probably because no one but me is listening.    I have to get my new shirt so the lady at the volunteer table gives me her look of dissatisfaction so I mumble something about wetsuit stripping and unclean and I get another shirt.  Frankly that was true and the fact that she gave me a XXL the day before contributed to that also.  I was like man I am Clydesdale by category not an actual horse (evidenced by the lack of beer truck behind me) L will be fine :-).  I get my marker and start marking away.  It's much warmer than Saturday.  I look around and realize that there really aren't too many Clydes or Athenas...  this is going to be a pretty serious event.  After a while I make my way down to the Wetsuit stripping area part 2. 

At this point I meet Rob (Mr. Iron Mayden!), Max and May.  Rob did inform me that Seth is the source for tri specific information kind of like the oracle at Lake T.  Then the pros hit the water.  Simon comes out of the water at 25ish which is amazing and there is no one around.  He leaves T-1 and then Anderson, Lovatto and the others are right behind them.  Suddenly the AG comes in and it's wall to wall people.  Same kids, same stuff (wow that wetsuit smelled).... (note to self, probably smells like pee).  Get wet but none in my mouth... the ummm lake water isn't sterile.  Going pretty smoothly.  Last two a 60something woman who is cramping and a 60 something guy.  A woman standing by informs me that AG doesn't get easy until after 75!!!!!!!!!!!!  Note to self you have to live long enough to get on the podium.  Off they go.  The guy has a tribike with an aero helmet so I figure maybe he can make up the 20 minutes to the pack.  So off they go all but three got on their bikes.  Now it's time to wait.  I was hoping there would be a manufacturer there to go check out the gear but no dice.  The pros are coming in and Anderson is in and out with more than a 7 minute lead over the field.  Simon goes by and he's flying and so is Lovatto.  Then I see some AG and those guys are sporting 50,52... I can't even think about ever hanging with the pros forget at 50 but these guys are cranking.  Desiree Ficker runs by with another woman... note to self tell baitboy all about it...  About 35-40 minutes later riders are pouring in.  This means that plenty of people did a 2:40 or less bike loop.  Damn.  After just about everyone was off the bike a woman comes up to me and is asking is everyone off the bike and I reply I don't think so there are probably some more.  A woman runs by and the woman behind me says wow she's been out there a total of 5 hours.  I'm thinking she really does have 8 hours to finish...  Eventually I start to leave and I realize the clock says 5:41 which probably doesn't include wave starts and realize a ton of people went sub 5.  4:30 it's the new reasonable.  Drive home change and drive back to CT.  Decide to sleep in to the fantastic 6:30.... whooo hoo.  I owe so much time to the 700 club it's scary.          

  • 30m
  • 2.30 miles
  • 13m 02s /Mi


Today was volunteer day at the Timberman.  There were a little more than 1300 triathletes and a ton of brand new ones.  I got up at 3:55 which is horribly early... yes Kelly this is the new reasonable.  Arriving at 5am there were already people getting marked and in to rack their bikes.  It was cold at about 58 degrees with a nice wind.  I started body marking and soon realized that for many people this was their first interaction with tris.  I felt bad asking about clydesdale/athena after the fourth woman went... what is that?????  Ummmm if you don't know.... good luck in the AG.  After that I went to begin my career as a wetsuit stripper.  Having never stripped before and being fully aware that people (including me) pee in their wetsuit... well you know the rest of that.  It was basically a few adults and some sort of high school football team.  The kids were being kind of a pain in the rear but the fun of listening to them talk about getting all the "water" in their mouths and on their faces pretty much evened the score.  It was at this point that I saw... TEAM ANGRY.  What tri team do you join when you are about 275 and like to wear speedos... yep team angry.  I wish I had my camera because that would have made a kickin avatar.  I think I like the idea of zippered leg bottoms in a wetsuit and may check into that as most races don't have wetsuit stripping. Keith Jordan does put on a serious event.  The water was very choppy and it was cold so I felt bad about the athletes but then realized I would rather be racing than standing there.  On to the run... as I was standing at the entry to the run course at this point.  Most people looked pretty strong and some actually appeared to be having a good time.  I saw one woman try to hit the course with an ipod and the USAT official said you can't bring that on the course and you have to bring it back, she said... you have to be kidding me , just disqualify me.  That blew my mind.  You trained (or maybe didn't), got up at 5am to be cold, the swim and bike and run only to simply DQ yourself?  I figure that the entry fee precludes me from bouncing myself but to each their own.  One of the last athletes was a woman who looked pretty good but she asked if she could stop and rest.  We said of course.  Then she asked if she had to just cross the finish line to quit or could just quit.  I said you made it this far and you can definately walk 3miles.  I gave her the old BT DFL>DNF>DNS and off she went.  Yes she ended up DFL but who cares she finished.  I was then promoted to head security guard of the back gate... so exciting but I will be checking your number. 

I did manage to get in a run today (after my nap) and ran well at about a 9m/mile pace.  It's amazing that I can throw down some days and other days I suck.  I hope I throw down on Thursday I have a PR to beat.   

  • 29m 34s
  • 1400.00 yards
  • 02m 07s /100 yards

estimated distance

Getting out of bed sucked but I was glad I did. I had a great swim today. Out 10 min back 11:34 and then a 8 minute 400. Distance of course is estimated but I just felt good. My stroke was good, my breathing was good, I had no moments of freaking out. Great workout. Unfortunately my HRM tells me that I had wayyyyyy more room to go.


OK I did it. I am at 726 minutes this week and that's probably why I feel like I do. I have this strange urge to push to 800. I could definitely do another 74 minutes. Ohhhh why do I do this to myself. Saturday I will schedule a 74 minute workout.

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