• 5h 12m 35s
  • 112.00 miles
  • 21.50 Mi/hr
  • 3h 44m 29s
  • 26.20 miles
  • 08m 34s /Mi
  • 1h 08m 53s
  • 4224.00 yards
  • 01m 38s /100 yards
"Like a bat out of hell
Ill be gone when the morning comes"...
"Then like a sinner before the gates of heaven
Ill come crawling on back to you"

  • 13m
  • 800.00 yards
  • -----

Distance is a guess. Met the BT Force at the bag check in area behind the Boardwalk Hotel. Mimi, Jeff, along with Cube..and Jess, as well as several others. We made our way to the water, which was considerably more choppy today. It was apparent from the beginning that a different style of swimming was necessary to adapt to the swells this morning. However, after I got into the groove of it, it was no big deal except for siting the bouys. The swells made it difficult to find them, but I understand they will be much bigger on race day. Also, I'll probably just be following the other lemmings towards some distant point anyhow. We stopped at the bouy, looked around, commented about the swells, and started back. I feel really good in the water here, salt water in the mouth and all. There was a rip tide, so siting is a bit more important on a day like this, or else you get swept in some distant direction.

  • 15m 11s
  • 2.00 miles
  • 07m 35s /Mi

Came back to hotel, and Mary went for a short run while I put my running stuff on and made up my first TRANSITION BAG. Then she returned and I went out for a short run. I feel great. All systems are apparently GO. Tomorrow is SUCH a big Question Mark...I hope I don't Fuc( this up.

7:45am. Getting ready to do the morning swim. Gonna meet Jeff and other BT'ers.  Later, I have a little 2 mile run, then back to the room to get my bags ready before taking the bike and bags to the checkin.  YIKES.  Every little step is ONE STEP closer to the big race.


1:15pm.  Got back from run, cleaned wetsuit and took shower, then put the rest of my Transition bags together, readied the bike, and then transported it all down to TRANSITION.  Mary helped me "think", so everything should be there and ready.  Erin sherpa'd my bags for me.  I racked my bike, then put my bags in their area.  I then did a DRY RUN THROUGH of the path I'll take that morning to do all of my entries, exits and transitions.  I need to make physical/mental notes of stuff like this so it's there in my brain somewhere when it's time to make it happen for real.  MUSCLE MEMORY.   Afterwards, we made our daily trip to STARBUCKS to get Mochas and such.  Now Mary and kids are at beach while I relax at condo.  Time to kick back. 

  • 15m
  • 800.00 yards
  • -----

Distance is a guess.
Good thing PUTTING ON the wet suit isn't part of this race, cause it took me forever. BUT, finally got it on and took off. Went out about 2 1/2 bouys, then stopped to just bob around the water, look around and take it all in. Beautiful day. Blue skies. Calm water. My siting was very good and was much less trouble than I imagined. I put my face in the water and began the swim back to the shore. The water temps kept changing from cool to warm to cold to warm again. Very strange. Finished on the beach to meet Mary and the kids. We walked up to the host hotel to get my wetsuit off.

  • 39m
  • 11.00 miles
  • 16.92 Mi/hr

Rode with Jeff along the first 5 miles of the course. Most of it was nice and easy and we were able to talk and catch up a bit. Nice to hammer a little to to see what the legs have in them after so many days away from the bike. Man, I feel crazy fast. What can it all mean?

7am.  WE ARRIVED!  We arrived last night around 430 local time.  We are JUST on the edge of CENTRAL TIME...very odd.  IT IS COLD HERE.  We didn't pack for cool weather...WE PACKED FOR FLORIDA WEATHER, which THIS is not.  Going to do a swim with Q and some other BTers around 9ish, then register.  I'll go back to "condo" and have lunch while Mary goes out for a run, then go for a 10 mile bike a little later...when and if it decides to reach the ultimate high of 71 whole degrees.  YIKES!


1pm.  Swam at about 9am.  I went out past the second bouy, turned around and came back. I saw one jelly fish directly under me about 2 feet.  Very neat, but I immediatley started looking around to make sure I wasn't in "jellyfish fields" or something. lonely jelly.  Changed into clothes and got in the registration line while Mary and kids went to find a Starbucks.  The line was relatively short, and I chatted with some other racers and their jockstrapers while waiting.  After getting my stuff, I looked around at some stuff, bought a new  bottle holder, then looked for the family.  I eventully found them, and we went to look through the expo again.  I ended up buying several things, so IM now has LOTS more of my $$.  Came back to Condo for lunch while Mary has gone for a run.  Going out for a ride with Jeff in about an hour.  It's warming up nicely outside, and I think we can finally shed our jackets and sweat shirts.


5pm:  Had a nice ride with Q'ster.  Man, I felt strong. We were booking along at 19 and 20mph, and I felt like I was out for a Sunday stroll.  When we got down and aero and gave it a little push, we were looking at 23 and 24 with just a moderate amount of effort.  Whats up with that?  Is it THE TAPER?  Hmmm.  I'm curious to see what I feel like on game day.  The winds were light and from our side most of the time.  The temps are good, but it's still a bit on the cool side for biking wet just after a swim.  Well, it's an IM, not the Marsh Mellow 500.

We're up at 4 am and on the road. With any luck, we'll find a Starbucks soon enough and be in FL by dinner time.  We'll have the laptop in the car with us, so we can surf the web while we drive!  THANK GOODNESS!


8:45am:  Bypassing Nashville right now and in heavy rush hour traffic.  yea.  280 miles down, 495 miles to go.  We're taking 3 hours shifts at the wheel to make it a little easier.

10:40am: About 45 minutes into Alabama now. Connectivity is shady at best in these parts. Conor has had just about enough of this car trip ALREADY.  However, we did get to stop at a CLOSE gas station and pee behind that was some real TRAVEL EXCITEMENT!
  • 23m 35s
  • 3.00 miles
  • 07m 52s /Mi

Brrrrrrr, 34 degrees. Last run in KY before heading to FL in the morning. YEA. Packing up the last bits and putting it in the car.

7:40am.  As soon as the sun finally peaks up, I'll do a little 3 mile run.  All I have left to do the rest of the day is pack my nonTriathlon stuff, a few of the race things that I didn't get to yesterday, and then stew about the race.  We'll go to be early tonight and then be on the road my 4am tomorrow.  Time to MAPQUEST!


6:40pm:  Just finished packing the car. It is as loaded down as possible.  Every square inch is accounted for.  Geez!  I'm about to snap around here.  I just want to get to bed, so we can wake up and get this trek on the road. 

  • 1h 00m
  • 15.00 miles
  • 15.00 Mi/hr

15 mile ride (middle 5 miles tempo)
I jumped on the trainer and did 1 hour. First 20 minutes easy, second 20 minutes at a 120ish HR, last 20 was easy again. THAT was my last ride at home. The next time my ass is on my bike seat, I'll be in FLORIDA!!!!!!

Short bike ride is done. NOW I'm practicing my transitions. Just finished SWIM to BIKE. Did it about 7 times to get it in my head.  Taking a tea break, then it's BIKE to RUN transition time.  I look like an idiot running around my hours....which is pretty normal for me I guess.


Here is all the new stuff I've bought or had given to me over the last year to prepare for this race.  The only thing I previously had was the shoes, but not the laces.  Shoes get replaced 2 or 3 times a year anyhow.

Bars rack

              New cool Aero Bars

              Finally a rack for the car

fuel helmet

      New race belt and fuel flasks

               Niffty Aero Helmet

suit seat

                         Awesome race suit

          New seat so the boys stop going numb

shoes and laces  toys

      Shoes and fast race laces

   Swim toys that I had to learn to use

Rims and Covers

  New rims for Christmas and covers from my FOP!


Had new tires put on the XTERRA this morning.  Pep Boys put them on, and I was a bit unhappy.  It cost me over $100 than they quoted me 2 weeks ago, but I was screwed. Normally, I would have walked out, but there was to little time before we leave on Wednesday to research and set up another I bent over and took it.  On the flip side, the vehicle drives MUCH better, and is now MUCH safer, as the tires were nearly bald before.

  • 1h 02m 31s
  • 8.01 miles
  • 07m 48s /Mi

8 mile easy run.
WOW, I needed TODAY to make me feel better about YESTERDAY, and it did. All systems GO. Ran relaxed, and it felt good. Had to put the old running tights on though...just to freaking cold. I'm SOOOOoooo looking forward to FL weather.

8:30am.  Mary is out for her run, and when she returns, I'm out the door for 8 easy miles.  Taper is in full swing.  I'm feeling better today.  It's cold outside (44) so I'm not looking forward to the layers.


1pm:  Workout done, getting ready for my last day at work until my return from IMFL!  WOO HOO!

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