• 5h 27m
  • 26.20 miles
  • 12m 29s /Mi

averaged 12 minute miles (with my walk stop every 15 minutes for 1-2 minutes) until the end of mile 20. Last six miles took the 1:27 so that is where my pace slowed down.

I will do race report later but I finished folks and over 6 minutes faster than my Nashville time.

I have to say I was really worried this morning...I went off a curb yesterday and it was just enough to pull the liagments in the same lame ankle. Uh yeah...Iced left ankle for 2 hrs yesterday. And by this morning, my right hip flexor was hurting so bad I could not walk without pain every step. But I was going to see how far I could go.

But I knocked it out slowly but surely. 5 miles every hour through mile 20. And I felt mentally the best I EVER felt through mile 20...never had the bad mood this time. (thank you christina aquilara!) Wish I could have kept it going. But just bonked and went down to a 3/2 run/walk after that to the finish.. thank you janelle (runnergirl) for calling me!! it was just the push I needed to finish under 5:30! Went right to medic tent for ice for my survived but it is swollen pretty big. Medic said it looked good considering what I put it thru.

Didn't find anyone after was a mob scene...I was sore, waited an hour for the metro train line..back in room for shower...hope to catch up with max for dinner. I feel bad. at mile 9 he told me to go ahead as he didn't think his knee would make it the whole I assumed he quit...low and behold the stinker was only a mile or so behind me when I passed him at mile 23! He is AMAZING!

i am just happy I did it, actually finished and even beat my time...even if it wasn't by much.

  • 25m
  • 2.24 miles
  • -----

walked a few minutes then ran at an 11:54 pace on treadmill with Max next to me for a couple miles to stretch out and get in stride together..walked a couple minutes before stopping

uh you think for 180 a night they would have coffee pot in room?? nope! thank goodness they have starbucks downstairs..

got up, had breakfast...then hit the pool/treadmill with max. uh, only did treadmill..the pool was outdoors and closed but it would not have small that by the time I would push off, I would hit one stroke and be at other side.

Catching up with Wendi to do Arlington and then dinner with the BT crowd...whoop whoop!!

It is sunny and cold gear...shorts and tank for tomorrow baby!!!

The ankle feels pretty was my other ankle and hip flexor or peri morphis..basically my butt...getting gtr to rub some tiger balm later on it...yeah baby!!

  • Walking
  • 2h 00m

walked at least two hours after left hotel to metro to expo to hotel to dinner back to hotel back to metro, from metro to our hotel...did ya keep up there?

OK I am outta here.

worked until 9:30 pm last night! packed and just drying my hair. I think I have everything...

bringing laptop (yeah I have some stuff to do) so hopefully wireless at hotel.

 ok before getting on the 45 passenger plane they told us to go to the bathroom before boarding b/c the turbulence so bad they were not letting us out of the seats..uh thanks.. bring on the wine! I survived!!

Caught up with Max who waited like 4 hrs for me at airport bless his heart...checked in, took 20 minutes to figure out metro system and caught up with rick, trixie, wendi and jean at expo..found them by wendi running by and smacking my hiney!!! love folks love...ate at a brewery,...yum...that was my first real meal of the did that happen??

 nice hotel but 10 bucks a day for internet robbery...but I have work to do so I may have to expense this.

  • 30m
  • 2.75 miles
  • -----

just quick run/walk this am at 6 am on my tready when I was too stressed to sleep.

OK it is official. I hate my life. I am soooo damn busy at work. And I have another event in 4 weeks and 200,000 more to raise before year end. I am being pulled in a million directions. Oh and I leave tomorrow for a marathon?? Remind me to never plan an IM or 1/2 IM in the fall if I still have this job. I can barely get workouts in, forget about sleep and welll ....ughhhhhh!!!!! did I mention I hated my life?

  • -----
  • 2000.00 meters
  • -----

300 wu
200 kick
300 drills
200 8*25 on 35. Did it on the nose! 1st time!
300 descends (7:48,7:36,7:23)
100 CD

Swim is up for today. Wow best swim yet for me. Hit my sprint for 200! And my 300s got better and better. The last 300 was a 2:14/100 yard pace!! (my pool is meters so the times are meters but I like converting to yards to get idea of race comparisons)

Ok I have to totally rethink my outfit for sunday. was going to wear this cute/comfy purple tank/bra I got in RNR virginia but uh with 55 degrees will need more clothing than that! :)

and don't laugh...since this will be a fun run I am bringing disposable camera :)

  • 45m
  • 4.20 miles
  • 10m 43s /Mi

did 4 miles at 10:35 pace then walked for a few minutes

wow I can't believe I ran. didn't run until 8 pm. I just couldn't not get the run in. Man I feel so out of shape. How am I going to go 26? am i crazy?

OK some good news. We raised $50,000 at the 5k run/10K bike on Saturday...awesome!!!!

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