What does couch potato mean anyway? Because... I’m the proverbial couch potato… Wow… a week of NO FRIGGEN WORKOUTS! I’ve been under the weather. And instead of going out for a run or lifting weights, I stayed away. I’ve realized that it is so hard to stay away from a run or the gym when you’re sick. I could have done some easy workouts. I could have run a 10K if I wanted to. But I didn’t. I was wise. I resisted. I tortured myself and JUST SAID NO! So all I did was a 10K race on Sunday the 5th. I have a Half Mary in less than a month in which I haven’t built enough miles for but will do anyway. I know I can run 12… so another 13.1 shouldn’t be that bad. I’m looking forward to it AND I’m contemplating another 10K race this coming Saturday. Should I? Should I not? Well, hopefully today I can put in a good hour run to start the week. Other than that – I’m a proverbial coach potato. Well, not so proverbial. I don’t sit and just watch TV… I lay down and watch DVDS!!! I guess you can say I’m a bed tomato? What does potato have to do with anything anyway? Couch Potato: “A couch potato refers to a person who spends most of his/her free time sitting or lying on a couch. The stereotype often refers to overweight men who watch a lot of television, sometimes in their underwear, and sometimes drinking beer. Generally speaking, the term refers to a lifestyle in which children or adults don’t get enough physical activity. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Couch_potato) Hmmm… kinda fits the description. I’m kinda gaining a pound or two - I run and lose it though. I watch TV - in the form of DVDs… Yeah, I’m in my underwear but no - no beer… Just a vodka on the rocks. And yes, the lifestyle of not getting enough physical activity is definately true - this past week that is. Unless you count sex as a physical activity. <= Don’t read that. My mom comes this week so maybe I’ll be putting in some serious Gym time. It’s weird – when I don’t have a Triathlon on my calendar I start to slack off. Running is fun. I love it. Races are great. They are something to look forward to. But a Triathlon means tons more dedication (on my part) – from swimming, cycling and running AND weight training. Ugh… I got to get back into that mindset these last two months of the year. My decision to do Triathlon is approaching a year anniversary. Wow. It’s been a year. 2007 better rock!
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