• 1h 18m 45s
  • 7.75 miles
  • 10m 10s /Mi

  • Health data: Sleep: 3 Stress: 2 Soreness: 5 Fatigue: 4 Hours slept: 7 Overall Workout: 4
  • 1h 16m 37s
  • 21.21 miles
  • 16.61 Mi/hr
  • 32m 49s
  • 3.12 miles
  • 10m 31s /Mi
  • 29m 01s
  • 650.00 meters
  • 04m 28s /100 meters
These are my aproximate times for the LA Triathlon based on my Accenture Athlete Alert and my Timex chrono. Swim (645 meters): 0:29:01 T1: 0:05:34 Bike (20 miles): 1:16:37 T2: 0:05:25 Run (3.1 miles): 0:32:49 Final Time: 02:29:26 Donna couldn't make it to Venice Beach but she had signed up for Accenture Athlete Alert and within minutes of me crossing the timing pad, she got an update. This was a great feature!!! It let her know that I was safely out of the water. It also let her know when I got to T2 which meant 30 minutes or so before I crossed the finish line where she and my family waited. Others around her were like, "I don't even know if my husband made it through the swim." She said others were worried about their significant others because of what people were saying about the waves. If she didn't know that I crossed that pad at Venice, she would have been SOOOO worried! The Accenture Athlete Updates were VERY close to the times I got from my Timex Chrono. I was off only tenths of seconds. My Chrono after the swim leg was 29:02. Accenture was 29:01. My Chrono total time after the bike leg was 1:51:16. Accenture was 1:51:12. My Chrono total FINISH was 2:29:18. Accenture was 2:29:26. Transition Times were slightly adjusted based on the information I got from Accenture and my Chrono. I hit the lap button during each transition so the times are as accurate as anyone would possibly want. It's part of having fun doing these Triathlon events. :)

  • 10m


  • ABS - Crunches (FB)
Is it just me?!?!? I am so nervous about the Tri. 3 days including today is left. I'm having anxiety attacks thinking I'll forget something for T2 (which needs to be turned in tomorrow)! I stood in the shower the other day with the water running down my face. I was breathing in and out simulating being in the water. And I had to get out from under the shower and I gasped for air like I was suffocating!!! It was horrible. I can't even breath normal in the shower right now! I'm trying to visualize Jacob running. It relaxes me. It makes me smile when I see him run all out. He runs so cute and that's what I've been trying to visualize whenever I can. I laugh every time - which might not be good to laugh while swimming, but its one of my most cherished pleasures in life. Bella running is a harder visualization. It's VERY stressful. Her three year old legs move move move but at any moment its as if she'll fall. It's quite amusing and to be honest, I feel like closing my eyes when she runs because I don't want to see her bite the dust... or cement for that matter. So... Forget the 'name game' in the water... JACOB RUNNING is what I'll visualize. I'll make him run for me tonight. :) LOL

  • Health data: Sleep: 2 Stress: 1 Soreness: 4 Fatigue: 4 Hours slept: 7 Overall Workout: 2

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