• 6h 48m 07s
  • 112.00 miles
  • 16.47 Mi/hr
  • 5h 56m 33s
  • 26.20 miles
  • 13m 37s /Mi
  • 1h 31m 42s
  • 4224.00 yards
  • 02m 10s /100 yards

Race morning is here!  Had a 0430 wake-up call set but woke up at 0350.  Had gone to be at like 8 last night so feel good/rested....and anxious.

Had 1/2 a Snickers bar, granola bar, 1 gel (that I nearly gagged on).  I usually don't eat breakfast till about 830....after my swim.

It's paydown!  Just need to go about 140.6 miles to pick up my paycheck!



1:32:556:48:115:56:3314:33:361213 of 1975129 of 219

TOTAL SWIM2.4 mi. (1:32:55)2:26/100m1485154

FIRST BIKE SEGMENT22.5 mi (1:22:37)16.34 mph
SECOND BIKE SEGMENT21.4 mi (1:22:40)15.53 mph
THIRD BIKE SEGMENT30.5 mi (1:55:44)15.81 mph
FINAL BIKE SEGMENT37 mi (2:07:10)17.46 mph
TOTAL BIKE112 mi. (6:48:11)16.46 mph1248143

FIRST RUN SEGMENT4 mi. (50:03)12:30/mile
SECOND RUN SEGMENT4.3 mi. (57:15)13:18/mile
THIRD RUN SEGMENT4.15 mi. (59:06)14:14/mile
FOURTH RUN SEGMENT3.5 mi. (46:40)13:20/mile
FIFTH RUN SEGMENT4.3 mi. (58:09)13:31/mile
SIXTH RUN SEGMENT4.15 mi. (1:01:40)14:51/mile
FINAL RUN SEGMENT1.8 mi. (23:40)13:08/mile
TOTAL RUN26.2 mi. (5:56:33)13:36/mile1213129

  • 15m
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  • 15m
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  • 15m
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  • -----

Slept in this morning till 530 becuase the alarm clock did not go off.  Probably need to to set the alarm on my watch as a back up tomorrow.

Heading down shortly for a SRB with BTers.

It's gonna be a great day!




At race check-in they measured BF, weight and % water.  I was suprised at how low my BF measured.

Weight: 256.8  (I've packed on 10 lbs in the last week of taper - geesh!)

Body Water:  54.6%

BF%:  18.3%  (not sure I believe this but I've had worse things to try to no believe)


Almost headed down to the swim area at 0645.  Was just about to head out the door when I realized we were supposed to meet at 0745 not 0645.  Decided to wear my yellow BT shirt this morning so it would make it easier for BTers to meet up.


Arrived at hotel and got checked in w/o issue.  Saw Kati at the hotel.  Got my packet and was disappointed that we didn't get a race tee-shirt or even a bottle.  We did get a little nylon bag.  Ran into Mark and then Abbie at the IM store. 

Went to the expo and bought a tee-shirt, Polo shirt and coffee mug.  Got my banquets tickets.  They tried to give me 6 tickets.  I told them I had accicently ordered 3 tickets twice but that they had refunded me for 3 of the tickets so I was only supposed to get 3 tickets. 

Came up to the room and laid everything out.  The room is huge with a sitting area and seperate bedroom.  Nick siad he'd sleep on the couch so we don't have to share a queen size bed.  I'm ready to go!  Kinda wish the race was tomorrow but I guess I can just chill now and enjoy tomorrow.

Had dinner with at least 21 BTers!  It was really neat meeting everyone!  We took lots of pictures.  The BT Cheat Sheet was helpful but I think the name-tags was what really helped.

Walked down to the transition area with the family.....back in the room now...just ordered a pizza.

The 5 months leading up to IMKY just seemed to fly by....but this week seems to be dragging on forever!  Is it Friday yet?!

Gonna be a rest and try-not-to-eat-too-much day.

  • 44m 16s
  • 4.00 miles
  • 11m 04s /Mi

Damn that hurt. I guess that is what I get for sitting around the house eating like a pig for 3 days! Easy pace but just felt bad the whole run. It was drizzling rain but I don't mind that. Just seemed like my legs were running in jello. Well, at least I put a few points on the board.

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