• Tennis
  • 1h 10m

  • Calories out: 3127 From lifestyle:2570, From activities:557
  • Health data: Hours slept: 7
  • 25m
  • 2.20 miles
  • 11m 22s /Mi
  • 35m
  • 750.00 meters
  • 04m 40s /100 meters

  • Calories out: 3140 From lifestyle:2577, From activities:562
  • Health data: Sleep: 3 Stress: 3 Soreness: 4 Fatigue: 3 RHR: 45 Hours slept: 7 Overall Workout: 3
Run #1
  • 00m 17s
  • -----
  • -----
Run #2
  • 00m 17s
  • -----
  • -----

A bit more sore today..should have done something, but late night at work (catch up). Will start back tomorrow

  • Calories out: 2618 From lifestyle:2618, From activities:0
  • Health data: Sleep: 3 Stress: 3 Soreness: 2 Fatigue: 3 RHR: 48 Hours slept: 7
Rest day. Some stiffness, a little sore. Very sore in the crotch (blistered).

  • Calories out: 2618 From lifestyle:2618, From activities:0
  • Health data: Sleep: 3 Stress: 3 Soreness: 2 Fatigue: 4 Hours slept: 7
  • 44m 39s
  • 1500.00 meters
  • 02m 59s /100 meters

T1 5:47

  • 1h 23m 17s
  • 26.00 miles
  • 15.85 Mi/hr

T2 4:14

  • 1h 21m 16s
  • 6.20 miles
  • 13m 07s /Mi
T-2:Increased carbs significantly with moderate serving size (a bit large on the servings)[[no workout]] T-1: Normal breakfast, lunch (smaller portions), normal dinner (high carb) smaller portion: 10K bike, easy pace, 3K easy jog, followed by carb focused breakfast T-0 0430-Power bar and 8oz water. 0530-Transition area open, bike prepped, running transition prepped, bike transition prepped. 0615-Staged for swim (two laps 750meter triangle) the waters were better than the previous days. Temp 86, humidity 90%, not sure what the water temp was but it wasn't cold. 0620-Roctane 0630-Start [Swim]: The swim was ugly, rough water. There was no getting into a rhythm and initially I simply could NOT breath. It took about 300 meters before I calmed down enough to actually breath regularly. It felt like I was going nowhere. If you caught a swell then your arm would just pull air and sighting the buoy meant you had to wait till you were on top of a swell. Once I calmed down, I simply clawed my way from buoy to bouy. Finishing the first 750 (20min) it was one of the hardest things to round the beach bouy and plunge back into that second lap. I didn't give myself the option. Second lap was about the same, but I had to spend a little more given the water conditions were getting worse by the minute. I finished at 44:39 (goal 45). Not so bad. Fire hose to wash off the sea water [[note to self: cover private parts when being washed off by a fire hose]]. About 100m uphill to the transition point..thinking.."I am SO glad the swim is over". 0715-T1: Transition went OK, I chose not to run up the hill, but walked fast, transitioned to the bike (after doing a lap around the transition area (?something the organizers wanted everyone to do) 0721-Start [Bike]: The road conditions were rough (typical for Kenya)so I did not feel comfortable riding period and did not want to risk reaching back for water (my water bottles would not stay in their cages anyway) thus I road with a camel back (2.5L). I was feeling sick since I had swallowed a lot of sea water, but I tried to drink anyway. I kept a decent pace on the bike. The road was bad, but pretty flat, however, there was a strong wind. Temperature increased to 94F and I was feeling it after the first 25K. Lots of flats among my competitors, but the Cronus performed well. The nausea subsided after about 10K and I was able to consume about 1.5L (cytomax). I forgot to take another Roctane at the T1 transition. Rob caught me for the last 7K and it was good to have someone to talk too. I developed a bad friction spot in my groin (right side). I was hurting but not spent when I turned into T2. 0845-Went into T2, did my “lap” and put on my run gear, Roctane x 1, water belt, shoes, fresh socks and off I went. I started well with about 4K under my belt at a 10min/mi pace. At about 4K I took my first walk, alternating 2min walk, 3 min run. I took water at every 1.5K mark, drank about 25% and drenched myself with the rest (Temp >100F). Rob was riding the bike alongside me and took my water belt all of which was a big help. At 7km I hit the wall. Had to alter 3min walk, 2min run. I had to reach down to finsh but the end was in sight. 0843-Finished 3:38 by my reconing.

  • Calories out: 4131 From lifestyle:2189, From activities:1942
  • Health data: Sleep: 2 Stress: 3 Soreness: 3 Fatigue: 3 RHR: 48 Hours slept: 7 Overall Workout: 2

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