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last massage with William. i will miss him!


i never commented on the race. guess i needed some time to reflect and actually be happy that i finished instead of disappointed. but i finished my first IM in the middle of getting a new job in boulder, CO and a week before moving 2000 miles away from everyone we know.

it was HARD. i was terrified. i felt like i didn't do enough training. especially on the bike. felt ok for the swim, SCARED of the bike and knew i could hang on for the run.


this is funny. i still haven't really written much down about the race. i guess it is good that after the race i just sort of moved on to the next task and didn't get the post race blues. to be honest the race was a little anticlimactic for me compared to what i've read about finishing an IM. i don't know if that is because i was disappointed in my time, felt i could have pushed more or whatever it is. am i glad that i did it - HELL YES, but it didn't change me. if anything it changed others perceptions of me. tell people you've done an IM - they'll give you a job, think you must be this insanely good athlete, treat you with respect. it's just a long distance race, but i'll take the Spyder job any day if the IM helped me... looking back i really see that i didn't train like i should have to go fast. i trained slow and therefore raced slow. since i've been in boulder i've started running hard again and it is such a difference. i have mad respect for the people that train for and race IM FAST. it's a completely different ball game than the one I was in. i've been taking this year easy compared to last and just having fun skiing all the time. i haven't had any real desire to bike or even push the swim and i don't know why. i think it's just being in a different place in my life and wanting to enjoy this experience. i'll get back to it with time - this year is all about not stressing and just enjoying the ride. i'm already thinking about IM in 2009. hoping it will all work out and I can go international but we're also hoping for the Fiji trip and I can't do both (for more than financial reasons).

i guess the things i've taken away from the experience is knowing that i set a goal and accomplished it. i pushed beyond any limits. did i push my limits to the max? NO. i know i can work harder and get faster. and i will. once ski season is over =)

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