i can walk pretty normal today :) will try to run easy tomorrow.
walking a little better today. calves are still really tight and uncomfortable. i don't like it.

last week's weekly mileage = 31.3 miles


walking today is HARD. calves are tight. overall legs just feel stiff and cranky. got home from airport last night at 1 AM. up at 6:00 to go to work. ugh.

  • 4h 06m 22s
  • 26.20 miles
  • 09m 24s /Mi

Las Vegas Marathon.
goal was sub 4. missed it when i slowed down at mile 18/19 and again at 25. but still took 37 mins off my Dublin Marathon time and i think i finally know what it will take to break 4!

age group 59/224 (females 25-29)

1282 MORGAN ZORNES NEDERLAND CO FEMALES 24 TO 29 29F 04:06:22 04:11:18 1151 286 59

woke up at 4 AM to eat a bagel and bummed around the hotel room. jeff was out gambling all night. i called to tell him to come up to the room at 4:30 (funny). walked down to meet kelly and her friends at 5:30 (race started at 6 AM). we should have met earlier because the corrals were a freaking joke. i just remember how crazy they were at the NYC 1/2's i've done about people being in the correct corral - well, not so much in vegas. when the gun went off, it was about 5 minutes before we started running and there were already people WALKING. apparently you could walk the 1/2 marathon. ok, so put them in the back! we dodged walkers the first mile. it was kind of scary because you couldn't get thru them - they were like a wall!! super irritating. our first mile was like 9:54 or something b/c of all the congestion... there were TONS of elvis costumes running though which was funny. felt great the 1st 10 - went thru 10 miles at 1:32. went thru the 1/2 mark at 2:02. went thru 20 at 3:07 (wanted to hit it at least 3:04 so behind pace). i hit "the wall" at mile 18. i just felt sluggish, no pep. wasn't sure what was going on. kelly left me at 18 and i was starting to resign to another crummy marathon. i took a gu and sort of reassessed what i needed to do. i had a HUGE mental breakthrough!!! i was hurting bad but i just told myself that i had to start running, and running hard. caught back up with kelly at like mile 20 and just started hauling (and left her behind - she finished in 4:20 and is NOT happy....). ran 8:55, and then 8:48 (fastest of the day) and then times creeped back into the low 9's. at mile 25 i felt like i was going to puke (no surprise - what is up with me feeling pukey????) so i slowed to my slowest mile of the day (10:14, i think). just kept moving forward, finally saw the finish chute, saw jeff and he yelled at me to finish strong so i sprinted to the finish. never puked :) never walked :) it was really hard. it stinks to be that close to breaking 4 but really it was a big learning experience and makes me want to train for another one to try to break 4. at the finish i hurt SO badly that i had tears in my eyes. jeff thought i was upset about not breaking 4 and though i really, really wanted to, i was super stoked that i had pushed thru the pain when in the past i've just slowed down and started walking! it's huge really!!! my official time is 4:06.22. just so happy to see the 4:0X finally - i'll get it next time!!!!

Mile 1 09m 56s
Mile 2 09m 46s
Mile 3 09m 09s
Mile 4 09m 04s
Mile 5 09m 12s
Mile 6 09m 01s
Mile 7 09m 00s
Mile 8 09m 01s
Mile 9 09m 00s
Mile 10 09m 13s
Mile 11 09m 18s
Mile 12 09m 25s
Mile 13 09m 15s
Mile 14 09m 19s
Mile 15 09m 15s
Mile 16 09m 21s
Mile 17 09m 19s
Mile 18 09m 28s
Mile 19 09m 38s
Mile 20 09m 40s
Mile 21 09m 14s
Mile 22 08m 55s
Mile 23 08m 48s
Mile 24 09m 10s
Mile 25 09m 53s
Mile 26 10m 18s
Mile 26.2 02m 01s
Mile 26.4 01m 48s


  • RACE DAY: Las Vegas Marathon

4:30 AM woke up

5:15 left house

7:30 sitting at airport. i'm already tired

supposed to run 3 miles today but the ground is slushy and it's freezing outside.  i could go to the gym but i sort of just want to get home, pack, eat dinner and CHILL.  maybe i'll run a quick 2 miler tomorrow in Vegas.  maybe not.  feeling ready to race this bitch. :)
  • 27m 31s
  • 2.01 miles
  • 13m 41s /Mi

12:51 out
14:39 back

i need snowshoes. ran in about 1 feet of snow and 7 degree temps. hard core!! ran with dogs down switzerland. it was hard but fun. :)

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