• 38m 06s
  • 2112.00 yards
  • 01m 48s /100 yards

PR over last year by 4 minutes
holy hell the seas were rough (4-5ft waves)

  • 3h 14m
  • 56.10 miles
  • 17.35 Mi/hr

PR over last year by 3 minutes

  • 2h 14m
  • 13.10 miles
  • 10m 14s /Mi

PR over last year by 20 minutes. Still a bit disappointed

Finishing time 6:13 and change. Missed my "A" goal but time was a 27min PR over last year (which was PR) Still a little disappointed, as my sub 6hr goal was firmly in hand until mile 7 when my stomach decided it was done playing. However pretty tough to complain about PR in all three and a 27min PR.  Plus family was there for finish. Nice.

  • Health data: Hours slept: 4
  • 16m 30s
  • 2.00 miles
  • 08m 15s /Mi

ez run(relative term in humidity) with 1x 400 and about 4-5 pick ups

So here we are again. I have laid out the plan, now its time to execute. I am capable, just need to rise to occasion. Forcast for temps is sounding a bit more reasonable (low 80's with lower humidity) but forcasting that it will be 'breezy.' I am not a big fan of breezy for swim & bike, but that is what I am getting. So be it. So my goals? 
a. Finish
b. Finish injury free
c. PR the course (6:40)
d. slice 1/2 hour off time (6:10)
e. finish in 5:59:59.

Oh and enjoy this goofy thing,because that is what it is all about. No pressure.

Short run this morning. all done, everything felt good, humidity kind of crazy. Glad race isn't today. One more bonus for me: my weight today is 153. That is 5 pounds lighter than last year.

  • Health data: Sleep: 3 Stress: 3 Hours slept: 7
  • 11m 50s
  • 600.00 yards
  • 01m 58s /100 yards

OWS Wetsuit tests
2x 200 full wetsuit
1x 200 sleeveless

Experiment worked. two working wetsuits. I feel better.

  • Mental Training
  • 30m
Whole wetsuit drama last night has me on edge this morning. Wetsuit troubles are not what I need right now. I'm going to try and not overdo it on the worry. I will test it tonight and also take and test my sleeveless. I plan to take both to race and if there are any issues I will be prepared with a back up.  Splashing in the water is the only training I will do. Will do most of my packing though.

So what about mental training today? How about intangibles? When I was growing up I would watch NFL on CBS and Jimmie the Greek would pick the games. He would talk about offense, defense, special teams, coaching and 'intangibles' You know stuff that doesn't really fit in any other category.  So what have I got going for me? First, I am a grizzled veteran. This will be my 21st (lucky?) tri. This will be 4th time I have done this race. I know what to expect, I know the routines, I know the course. Heat & humidity? done that. Wind? Done that. Chop in the water? done that.  At my core I am two things: calm and not a quitter. As long as I remember that throughout the day I will be well served.  Last year I put tremendous pressure on myself for this race. Not this year. If it does not goes as planned, it won't be the end of the world. If I don't hit my goal it won't be the end of the world. I am so lucky to have the opportunity to do this stuff and I should enjoy it, even the stuff that's hard (maybe especially the stuff that's hard)  So I will pursue my goals in a calm & focused manner. I will not quit and no matter what the result I will enjoy the experience.

  • 32m 20s
  • 9.20 miles
  • 17.07 Mi/hr

some moments of intensity surrounded by blah.

  • 16m 46s
  • 2.00 miles
  • 08m 23s /Mi

more blah with a scoop of meh.

  • Mental Training
  • 30m
Yeah I actually get to do something today. Short ride (30min.) & 2 mile run. Also very short swim in the lake to see if my wetsuit glue worked.

Day three of mental training: the Run. Yes the run. This run has defeated me each of the last three years, including the great IT band flare up of 2007. So why will this year be different? Because my run is in such a different place. I have put in significantly more volume. I have gotten faster. My form is much better. I have gotten stronger. Also it occurred to me that if I was going to race this trail run better, I would need to hit the trails, and I have, starting last fall. I have run on trails tougher than the course.  But wait you say, it is going to be hot again. So what, I say.  This time I have trained in heat too.  I am smart enough to be prepared for the heat with my fuel belt, enduralytes. I will pace myself. I know the heat will slow me down some and I understand that. My goal is way under what I am caple of running the distance free standing. That doesn't mean it won't hurt. It will. However this time I am prepared for that. I am ready.

UPDATE  Trifecta of confidence crushing work outs. BIKE legs felt sluggish. RUN Humidity caused me to work harder for this pace than I should have. SWIM, what you don't see a swim? That's because after a 1/2 hour in the parking lot at the lake I could not get wetsuit zipped. Fark! Came home and my wife & kids finally managed to get suit zipped up. Nice. Will grumble tonight and then put it behind me. Will take another trip to lake tomorrow to test it. I wil bring a helper with me.

  • 15m 09s
  • 700.00 yards
  • 02m 10s /100 yards

ez swim inside

  • Mental Training
  • 30m
Schedule today has a short swim. Given weather forcast, might have to be inside.

So day two of mental training: The Bike.  I won't rehash the sad sack tale of last year when I focused on the bike and seemingly got nothing. I expect this year to be different.  I expect it to be different because I am a stronger cyclist than I was last year.  Yes I have significantly less miles on the trainer than last year. However, the miles both on the road and off focused on big gears and hillier routes. A windy spring also helped build strength. My aerobic engine is bigger thanks to my off season run focus. Speaking of off season, a fair amount of core work has also made me stronger. As far as bike, I had a tune up before this race, as opposed to after last year.  While I expect to be faster, I am mentally prepared to have a similiar time to last two years. Last year I rolled into T-2 utterly defeated. That won't happen this year.  This ride, regardless of result, does not define who I am as a triathlete or otherwise.

UPDATE I much prefer outside. Had to wait 10 minutes just to get a spot to swim. That never happens at the lake.

  • Mental Training
  • 30m
First of two scheduled rest days today...and so we arrive at race week already...and hopefully ready.  This race has given me fits. Quite honestly, I think a lot of it is mental, so this week I'm talking to myself about why this year is different and why I will hit my goals this time.

Let's start with the swim.  Quite frankly this has been the bright spot the last few years. Each year, my pace has improved. (last year by a minute in rough waters) There is no reason this trend should stop. Why? Because I am a better swimmer this year. My technique has improved (thanks Schwimmy), I have put in more yardage this year and I continue to be a relaxed swimmer (Lake Mills notwithstanding). I will actually be satisfied if my time is the same as last year, but expect a little bit of improvement.

  • 42m 24s
  • 5.00 miles
  • 08m 29s /Mi
  • Stretching
  • 05m
Beautiful Morning for a run. Little jealous of those getting to race in these conditions.  All systems go for run.

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