• 17m 45s
  • 2.00 miles
  • 08m 53s /Mi

1/2 mile w/u
1/2 mile harder effort with 3-4 pick-ups
1 mile ez
out 8:34
back 9:09

  • Stretching
  • 50m

P90X total body stretch. This was helpful.

Yep this felt good and smooth (of course what can you tell from 2 miles) Only debate for tomorrow is arm warmers or long sleeve compression under donkey jersey.  Depends on wind I think.  If wind is little lighter than today and at my back will probably go with arm warmers otherwise compression (oh come on I have GOT to worry about something.)

and so here we are.  Two days away from my "A" race.  It has been quite a while since I have put all my eggs in one basket for one race.  I do feel ready and have little doubt I can have redemption from last year disappointing result.  The struggle today is deciding on a goal that allows me to do as well as possible, without overreaching.  My goals? 1st a PR of sub 3:57. 2nd 3:50 3rd sub 3:50. 
  • 41m 12s
  • 4.50 miles
  • 09m 10s /Mi
ez pace, blind (didn't look at watch until I got back) run.   This really didn't feel as good as I was hoping.  I was tired, it was dark and I was overdressed because weather man said it was cooling down, but it really had not by the time I ran.  weight is up slightly I suppose because I am carbo loading and hardly working out.  Dear Sunday morning: please get here.

  • 23m 32s
  • 3.00 miles
  • 07m 50s /Mi

1 mile w/u (9:15)
4 x 400 @ 80%
1. 1:34
2. 1:35
3. 1:32
4. 1:29
1 mile c/d 8:01

  • Stretching
  • 05m

Busy day yesterday and last night meant no run.  That's ok because things are supposed to be pretty quiet this week.  Of course I am getting taper madness, thinking I need to go run a bunch of miles or I will lose what I have earned over the last 4 months.  I'm afraid that every little creak is a new injury (or old one) I was not anticipating.  I'm afraid that a stressful week will be hard on my body (which of course is stressing me out more) I am stressing about the weather (which looks darn near perfect right now).  I am stressing about my goals.  Ah the beautiful time that is taper.  Will do a run tonight.

UPDATE nice track session to calm my nerves.

  • Yoga
  • 30m
Fought the urge to run in the nice weather and to pad my monthly total (new PR for total miles for a month) Keeping my eyes on the prize, which is next Sunday.

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