• 1h 12m
  • 7.70 miles
  • 09m 21s /Mi

No Garmin and difference route makes distance kind of a guess

Today I run and tomorrow I will run more.  Good thing I like running.  This had been an odd summer with no racing and I am getting the itch bad.  I am doing the Lake Country 1/2 which is only two weeks away, so that makes me happy. 

UPDATE for fun took Lake Country trail from Delafield park and Ride to City of Delafield and then up to trails of West side Lapham peak.  I love the trails. Distance is kind of guess, but really doesn't matter as long as it is in the ball park.

  • 1h 08m
  • 7.30 miles
  • 09m 19s /Mi

Hills of Delafield to Boy's school x2 and 1 mile of Ice Age trail for fun...and then back.

  • Stretching
  • 10m
Hill route tonight.  Tried to pick some new variations to keep things interesting.

  • 29m 47s
  • 3.20 miles
  • 09m 19s /Mi

recovery run

Really limited time tonight, so this is all I had time for (and really didn't have time for this)

  • 32m 30s
  • 4.25 miles
  • 07m 39s /Mi

w/u .75 (6:07)
8x 400 (1:55 target pace)(with 30 sec rest between)
2. 1:52
3. 1:51
4. 1:54
5. 1:51
6. 1:50
7. 1:50
8. 1:44
2x 400 (fast)
1. 1:29
2. 1:26
c/d 1 mile (8:32)

  • Stretching
  • 10m
Track session.  Things are feeling so good, its starting to worry me.

Work induced unplanned rest day.
  • 20m 07s
  • 1000.00 yards
  • 02m 01s /100 yards

caution: all distances approximate

 I swam in the lake and I liked it... (for all you Katy Perry fans out there) Pleasant morning, although the water was a little chilly. Wore my sleeveless and could have gone with sleeves.

  • 2h 39m 37s
  • 18.00 miles
  • 08m 52s /Mi

out 1:20:53 (8:59 pace)
back 1:18:43 (8:45 pace)

  • Stretching
  • 10m

This run was a test on many levels and I passed with flying colors! Six day of running in a row how would I do?  :) Garmin is pretty much dead, so I had to do this just with watch, how would I do with pacing? :)  Could I negative split and finish strong? :)

Plan was to head out at about 9:00-9:05 pace and to notch it up a bit, but still stay comfortable on the way back with finally pushing pace on last mile (8:30) pace.  everything worked to perfection.  Felt very comfortable throughout, including mile 17 which has some hills in it and is usually a struggle on long runs.  Last mile was slightly uncomfortable, but by design.  THis was quite a bit faster than my last 18, two weeks ago (like 7 minutes faster!). Amazing what a 30 degree drop in temp. does for you (low 50's to start).  This run was a major confidence boost.  Maybe, I REALLY am back. Best run of the far.

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