• Walking
  • 45m
Nice 3 mile a walk with my daughter

  • 48m 08s
  • 5.50 miles
  • 08m 45s /Mi

estimate on distance
out 24:30
back 23:42

Run on hilly portion of the neighborhood.  Hidden Hollow, Christopher way and Glacier pass.  Tough but very peaceful.

  • 34m 56s
  • 4.00 miles
  • 08m 44s /Mi
Just a run in the warm sun.  Another even paced run, as return trip was one second faster than way out. 

  • 1h 00m 41s
  • 6.40 miles
  • 09m 29s /Mi

Lapham Peak trail run

I have decided to cancel my health club membership.  It is getting too expensive and I (almost) never use it.  In some ways, it is an admission that my tri days are just about over.  The door is still pretty much open that I may do a tri or two this summer.  However, long term, there is no long hours at the pool for me.  The silver lining I guess is that I will be doing it on my terms and not because I am being forced out by injury.  The passion and desire and just not there. Of course, never say never...

UPDATE If I am looking for passion, it is out on the trails! Awesome run tonight.  Distance is a guess, but really does it matter? A fellow running out there say to me "enjoy your run" and I thought to myself how can I not.  Perfect weather helped add to the joy of this run.

good old fashion rest day.

  • 1h 51m
  • 12.40 miles
  • 08m 57s /Mi

out and back within 2 seconds of each other

  • Stretching
  • 10m
Chilly morning requiring gloves.  Did most of this on glacier trail but did about 3/4 of mile on Ice Age trail at turn around...just enough to go through some mud and dirty my shoes and splatter my legs with mud. :)

  • 57m 21s
  • 6.50 miles
  • 08m 49s /Mi

Maple to Bryn Road

Strength & Beautiful.  One of my favorite routes and it is very pretty, but lots of hills, throw in some very strong winds and you have a strength builder.  Would have been faster on return, but there was a dog running loose on road and many people where trying to catch it before it got hit by a car.  At one point I actually slowed down because I thought the dog thought I was chasing it.  ( that didn't seem to help much.) No one ever did catch the dog, but at least he was corralled onto a a less busy road. 

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