• 26m 51s
  • 3.00 miles
  • 08m 56s /Mi

warm, humid morning. This felt surprising good. sore spots in my ankle and knee were a non issue. Hips a little tight.

yes I am still mad about saturday. It is just fuel for the next time. I guess there were a lot of DNF for the race (looks like about 50 either DNS or DNF out of 200) Lots of DNF for the 50 miler as well. It seems first warm day of year (and about 10 degrees warmer than predicted) took a toll.

Still really bummed about yesterday. Not sure what went wrong. Most ticked off that it put a major damper on a day I was so looking forward to.
  • 7h 02m 35s
  • 31.00 miles
  • 13m 37s /Mi

ok not what I was hoping for. Splits later

Just because you want something to go a certain way, doesn't mean it is going to be. Short version. About mile 15 my stomach went sour, very sour. Then my race went sour, very sour. Bright side: I got to run/walk through the woods on a beautiful sunny day. (I think warm temps may have contributed to my problems) Second I got to hang out in the woods for and hour and a half more than I was anticipating. By the way, I love the people in the trail/Ultra community.

yipee getting excited! race day weather: 54 to start 65 to finish. sunny, low humidity, low wind.
I have had a stressful and busy week, so I have not had time to worry about the 50k on Saturday. Now that things are winding down, I can start to fret. Will rest it today and be grateful it won't be 80 (like it is today) on Saturday.
  • 25m 30s
  • 3.00 miles
  • 08m 30s /Mi
Amazing what fresh legs can do.

Plan calls for a short run (3) today and tomorrow (2) then nothing until race day. I have decided to adjust to: rest tonight, short tomorrow (3-4), then real short on friday. This combo will give me rest, but will keep legs moving most of week.

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