• 3h 18m 40s
  • 26.20 miles
  • 07m 31s /Mi

Steamtown Marathon - Beautiful course on a perfect day!! I went into this race as a "long run training day". I lined up with the peeps who wanted to go 3:30 and just planned on having fun. I WAS NOT RACING!!!!

After a couple miles I looked down at my watch and saw 15:05! I turned to the guy next to me and said "This is faster than 3:30!". I felt great and it was down hill so I just stayed with it. I figured I'll slow down later. :-)

I wanted to pass the 13.1 mi mark at 1:45 so I wouldn't think of doing anything stupid like try to BQ. I passed the 13.1 mi mark at 1:40. DAMN!!! NOW I HAVE TO TRY!!!

Bottom line - 3:18:40!! (1:40:25 - 1:38:15)

4:15am - Well, I'm off to the races! :) 6 hrs of pretty good sleep only getting up to pee twice. I guess I'm hydrated. It's 38 degrees out and it's supposed to be 75 at noon, disposable layers for dress. :)

Lap Data
107m 33s1.00 miles07m 33s /mile138155
207m 32s1.00 miles07m 32s /mile152159
307m 40s1.00 miles07m 40s /mile147159
407m 21s1.00 miles07m 21s /mile138148
507m 27s1.00 miles07m 27s /mile139146
607m 24s1.00 miles07m 24s /mile143151
707m 47s1.00 miles07m 47s /mile148160
807m 31s1.00 miles07m 31s /mile143159
907m 39s1.00 miles07m 39s /mile146158
1008m 19s1.00 miles08m 19s /mile140158
1107m 37s1.00 miles07m 37s /mile145156
1200m 31s0.07 miles07m 14s /mile153155
1307m 21s1.00 miles07m 21s /mile157163
1407m 50s1.00 miles07m 50s /mile147155
1507m 39s1.00 miles07m 39s /mile148154
1607m 14s1.00 miles07m 14s /mile158164
1707m 21s1.00 miles07m 21s /mile161166
1807m 29s1.00 miles07m 29s /mile158166
1907m 19s1.00 miles07m 19s /mile159163
2007m 28s1.00 miles07m 28s /mile162167
2107m 28s1.00 miles07m 28s /mile162166
2207m 19s1.00 miles07m 19s /mile164170
2307m 34s1.00 miles07m 34s /mile163167
2407m 29s1.00 miles07m 29s /mile165168
2507m 33s1.00 miles07m 33s /mile165172
2607m 19s1.00 miles07m 19s /mile169174
2707m 13s1.00 miles07m 13s /mile172178
2802m 43s0.35 miles07m 40s /mile173177

 BTW - I had one poop stop, can you tell which mile it was at? :)

Sitting at work watching Kona trying to stay hydrated for the mary tomorrow. I don't know if I'll have a chance to get anything in today or not.

No workout today but did manage a 1 hr deep tissue massage. I'm on call tomorrow, I hope to get in a real easy ride or run at some point but I also need to head down to Scranton and pick up my race packet. We'll see what happens. :)

  • 1h 09m 52s
  • 9.00 miles
  • 07m 46s /Mi

Tested out the compression socks today. They felt good, still had some shin pain for the first 4 miles or so but then it just faded away and I felt great. I think I just need to HTFU!!!!

This definitely gave me some confidence going into the marathon. It's going to be a lot of fun! :-)

Lap Data
108m 02s1.00 miles08m 02s /mile125155
207m 44s1.00 miles07m 44s /mile134142
307m 25s1.00 miles07m 25s /mile147156
408m 32s1.00 miles08m 32s /mile141154
508m 04s1.00 miles08m 04s /mile141150
607m 20s1.00 miles07m 20s /mile148156
707m 58s1.00 miles07m 58s /mile142154
806m 46s1.00 miles06m 46s /mile158165
907m 59s1.00 miles07m 59s /mile147159

  • 49m 42s
  • 18.08 miles
  • 21.83 Mi/hr

It was too nice out not to go for a little ride today. The leaves are spectacular, the air is crisp and the temp was 55 degrees. I took a couple laps around the TT loop in Z-2. Felt great, now I'm off to a swim!

  • 48m 26s
  • 3500.00 yards
  • 01m 23s /100 yards

3000 Swim (6:31, 6:20, 6:15, 6:13, 6:10, 6:10)

500 Kick (9:20)

Easy swim before work. Kept stroke count at 6 1/2 strokes/length for the entire 3000 yds. The 500 kick felt fine. I was going to do a small ladder but just got a little tired swimming around a bunch of slow people swimming in the fast line.



Lap Data
120m 29s7.48 miles21.90 mph140203
220m 21s7.49 miles22.08 mph141157
308m 52s3.10 miles20.98 mph129158

I should be hitting the pool today. My Zoot compression socks came in yesterday, I'll have to try them out on a run tomorrow.

The day in court went well yesterday, the judge dismissed the claim against us for $225 and found for us in our counter claim for $2630!! All this because the dummy failed to show up in court. :) Now that we have a judgment we'll probably never see a dime of the money. It will be fun to harass the hell out him and perhaps put a lean on his business. Paying a lawyer to legally harass this guy will be worth it. :)


  • Calories: 1079 From fat:245 (28.36g, 22.71%), From Carbs:737.81 (192.15g, 68.38%), Protein:96.19 (25.05g, 8.91%)
  • 43m
  • 5.59 miles
  • 07m 41s /Mi

A quick run in before Karen and I go to court over our well saga that happened in March. This run was pretty much a 6 on the RPE scale. A comfortable pace but my shin started hurting again. Feels like tibialis anterior pain and I don't know what I'm doing to cause it. Frustrating!! We'll see what happens this weekend after 26.2 miles!

Lap Data
107m 47s1.00 miles07m 47s /mile161173
207m 43s1.00 miles07m 43s /mile147163
307m 36s1.00 miles07m 36s /mile135155
407m 40s1.00 miles07m 40s /mile144155
507m 41s1.00 miles07m 41s /mile137148
604m 33s0.59 miles07m 42s /mile140151

I am not sure where the AHR of 161 and MHR of 173 came from on the  first mile. I wasn't breathing hard at all and it was the warm-up. Go figure!! :)

  • Calories: 1780 From fat:863.6 (108.21g, 48.52%), From Carbs:522.29 (147.25g, 29.34%), Protein:394.11 (111.11g, 22.14%)

  • Calories: 387 From fat:16.06 (1.95g, 4.15%), From Carbs:326.12 (89.1g, 84.27%), Protein:44.83 (12.25g, 11.58%)

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