• 44m 32s
  • 5.52 miles
  • 08m 04s /Mi

[Looking for a long hill, but nothing too steep and the speed should be comfortable. Remember this is still a recovery w/o.]

Lap 1: 08m 06s, 1.00 miles, 08m 06s /mile, Max HR 135, Avg HR 126
Lap 2: 08m 11s, 1.00 miles, 08m 11s /mile, Max HR 156, Avg HR 145
Lap 3: 07m 55s, 1.00 miles, 07m 55s /mile, Max HR 155, Avg HR 141
Lap 4: 08m 09s, 1.00 miles, 08m 09s /mile, Max HR 166, Avg HR 151
Lap 5: 07m 58s, 1.00 miles, 07m 58s /mile, Max HR 153, Avg HR 146
Lap 6: 04m 13s, 0.52 miles, 08m 05s /mile, Max HR 152, Avg HR 148

I ran around the north end of the Froks XV route. It has a few hills on it and I took them pretty easy. HR seemed a little elevated for the effort level but it was very hot. I took in 16 oz of water, 10 oz of gatorade and 3 gels diluted with water to fill a 10 oz flask. Quite a bit for a 45 min run and still managed to be 1 lb down!

  • 2h 14m 44s
  • 44.35 miles
  • 19.75 Mi/hr

Garmin Data:
Lap 1: 30m 01s, 10.22 miles, 20.42 Mi/hr
Lap 2: 30m 00s, 9.08 miles, 18.17 Mi/hr
Lap 3: 30m 21s, 9.15 miles, 18.09 Mi/hr
Lap 4: 30m 34s, 11.30 miles, 22.18 Mi/hr
Lap 5: 13m 48s, 4.60 miles, 19.99 Mi/hr

This was supposed to be a 60 min recovery spin but I wanted to put some saddle time in in the heat of the day and didn't have time for an OWS today. It was a great ride with a couple thousand feet of climbing and an AHR in the low 130's. I was actually singing John Denver's "Take Me Home, Country Roads" during some of this ride it was so beautiful!!

Polar Data
Lap Time Lap Time HR Max Avg Min Dist Avg Spd
1. 0:30:00.0 0:30:00.0 131 146 123 66 10.48 20.9
2. 1:00:01.0 0:30:01.0 133 155 135 100 9.28 18.6
3. 1:31:13.3 0:30:15.1 153 154 132 96 9.08 18.5
4. 2:00:51.0 0:30:34.9 120 156 131 88 11.55 22.6
5. 2:14:38.7 0:13:47.7 113 153 131 98 4.61 20.4


RR IS UP!!!!


Here's a song for you to stick in your heads! :) 

Almost heaven, West Virginia,
Blue Ridge Mountains, Shenandoah River.
Life is old there, older than the trees,
Younger than the mountains, growin' like a breeze.
Country Roads, take me home,
To the place I belong:
West Virginia, mountain momma,
Take me home, country roads.

  • 20m 41s
  • 1640.00 yards
  • 01m 16s /100 yards

Good swim, had a set of feet in the first leg but lost them. After that I carried someone all the way to the last leg, I hope he enjoyed the ride. :)

  • 1h 10m 11s
  • 25.00 miles
  • 21.37 Mi/hr

Bike felt stale. I got a 2 minute penalty for overtaking somewhere. A lot of athletes were riding on the road because of how bad the shoulder was. I passed a few guys early on the right so I wouldn't go out into 55 mph traffic. Oh well, live and learn.

  • 46m 03s
  • 6.22 miles
  • 07m 24s /Mi

Run did not feel good. Tried to get into a 6:30 pace but the legs were having none of it. Bowel issues for the last few miles took first place away from me. :( (Explaination will be in the race report!)

Overall it was a decent race. Poor organization on my part and bowel issues on the run cost me some time not to mention that I got my first 2:00 penalty for Overtaking. :( I'm waiting for the results to post my RR. That took me from 1st in AG to 3rd. Grrrrr!

This is what the stork left in our barn while everyone was away from home!!


Any name suggestions? :) 

  • 1h 15m 51s
  • 23.25 miles
  • 18.36 Mi/hr

Lap 1: 15m 01s, 4.61 miles, 18.40 Mi/hr, Max HR 130, Avg HR 107
Lap 2: 15m 00s, 3.27 miles, 13.10 Mi/hr, Max HR 156, Avg HR 133
Lap 3: 30m 01s, 10.61 miles, 21.21 Mi/hr, Max HR 135, Avg HR 112
Lap 4: 15m 49s, 4.72 miles, 17.90 Mi/hr, Max HR 145, Avg HR 116

Up at 4:30 to get Karen and the kids on the road for their horse clinic in Cooperstown. Had a cup of coffee, brought the horses in, had another cup of coffee, said good-bye to Karen and the girls, thought about having another cup of coffee but got on the bike instead.

Had a nice easy spin ride with one loooooong hill and a few nice rollers. I hit a rock or pothole somewhere around the 1 hr mark and couldn't believe I didn't flat. I just tooled along, I had one more hill to go up and I was home. Got to the top of the hill and started down the back side at about 40 mph, looked back before I took my turn at around 20 mph and started to lean into the turn. It was then that I noticed that my bike wasn't turning!! OH SH*T!!!! I hit the brakes straightened up and steered into the grass. FLAT!!!! WOW WAS THAT CLOSE!!! I gave the tube a quick shot of CO2 and made it the last mile home.

Legs feel good for the race, I hope I get a good nights sleep tonight. I am really looking forward to seeing all the BTers tomorrow!!

BTW - Would anyone be interested in a BT 1 piece tri suit? It's a women's XL that I bought a couple years ago and wore once. Ron had suggested that the womens XL was similar to the Men's M. He was right, I just don't like the one piece.

Exhausted today. I got home from work at 11:30, in bed around 12:30, up at 3:45 to bring Kathryn to school to go to Dorney Park with the Chorus, worked at 7:00, got home, fixed dinner and a spinach salad for Matt's Cub Scout Picnic that we couldn't go to because he had his Lacrosse banquet. Right now I am a zombie trying to get stuff packed for the race this weekend/

Good night John Boy!! :) 

  • 1h 11m 03s
  • 25.56 miles
  • 21.58 Mi/hr

3+ times around the TT Loop CW. The fast efforts felt like I was absolutely flying! What a blast! I took in 3 gels and drank about 30 oz of water.

  • 17m 01s
  • 2.39 miles
  • 07m 07s /Mi

Holy cow!!! My fast effort off the bike was sub 6:00!! I can't believe how good my legs feel off the bike! The last 10 minutes was IM M-Pace, very comfy!!

20' W/U with 3 fast efforts
10' Z-3 Steady effort
3' Fast
10' Recovery
2' Fast
10' Recovery
1' Fast
Spin the rest

Run: Brick

First 5' fast off bike!

Lap 1: 20m 04s, 7.02 miles, 21.00 Mi/hr, Max HR 142, Avg HR 126 - W/U
Lap 2: 10m 00s, 4.00 miles, 24.00 Mi/hr, Max HR 158, Avg HR 150 - Steady Z3
Lap 3: 03m 00s, 1.30 miles, 25.95 Mi/hr, Max HR 168, Avg HR 163 - FAST
Lap 4: 10m 01s, 3.46 miles, 20.70 Mi/hr, Max HR 166, Avg HR 131 - Recover
Lap 5: 02m 02s, 0.85 miles, 25.18 Mi/hr, Max HR 164, Avg HR 160 - FAST
Lap 6: 10m 00s, 3.53 miles, 21.17 Mi/hr, Max HR 162, Avg HR 126 - Recover
Lap 7: 01m 00s, 0.48 miles, 28.92 Mi/hr, Max HR 160, Avg HR 146 - FAST
Lap 8: 14m 56s, 4.92 miles, 19.77 Mi/hr, Max HR 158, Avg HR 125  - Easy

Lap 1: 05m 01s, 0.85 miles, 05m 55s /mile, Max HR 165, Avg HR 152 - Fast
Lap 2: 07m 51s, 1.00 miles, 07m 51s /mile, Max HR 164, Avg HR 143 - Easy
Lap 3: 04m 09s, 0.54 miles, 07m 42s /mile, Max HR 144, Avg HR 139 - Easy

  • 2h 19m 41s
  • 48.06 miles
  • 20.61 Mi/hr

[15' Warm-up
20' Race pace with nutrition
25' Comfortable with a few easy hills]

Lap 1: 37m 24s, 11.75 miles, 18.86 Mi/hr, Max HR 159, Avg HR 135 - W/U
Lap 2: 30m 01s, 11.49 miles, 22.98 Mi/hr, Max HR 158, Avg HR 149 - RACE PACE
Lap 3: 40m 45s, 14.68 miles, 21.62 Mi/hr, Max HR 144, Avg HR 123 - Easy
Lap 4: 31m 31s, 10.06 miles, 19.15 Mi/hr, Max HR 160, Avg HR 118 - Easy

I was in my car on my way to an OWS when I decided that a ride would benefit me more than a swim. I am a ways behind where I want to be in my biking at this point. The ride felt great, started with a big hill then hit the gentle rollers and flats for the remainder of the ride.

I had 2 gels and constantly sipped on water during the race pace section. Legs felt good throughout the ride. 

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