• 56m 36s
  • 7.66 miles
  • 07m 23s /Mi

It looked like the day was going to slip away without a workout. I was on call all day and got called in for the entire morning for stress tests. When I got home I mowed the lawn and went shopping then over to pick up my MIL and Matt at my mom's place. She was cooking dinner and asked if we wanted to stay so I took the opportunity and did the workout my sadistic coach wrote for today. :)

10 min warm-up (that included a stop at a friends to pick up a baggie for my phone because it was going to be a rainy run, I forgot to stop the garmin.)

Strong 10K
10 min cool down.

Now with a 10 min w/u and a 10 min c/d that leaves 40 min for a 10K!! I've never done a 40 min 10K!! (40:01, once)

I held a strong pace, 40:17 for 6 miles, but was light on nutrition as I forgot my gels and only had a 16 oz water bottle.



105m 20s0.36 miles14m 40s /mile119133
204m 45s0.59 miles08m 01s /mile132138
306m 44s1.00 miles06m 44s /mile155161
406m 37s1.00 miles06m 37s /mile162171
506m 35s1.00 miles06m 35s /mile167171
606m 56s1.00 miles06m 56s /mile170173
706m 43s1.00 miles06m 43s /mile172175
806m 45s1.00 miles06m 45s /mile174177
906m 11s0.70 miles08m 49s /mile151178


  • 5h 01m 58s
  • 100.61 miles
  • 19.97 Mi/hr

Awesome ride! The 1st 50+ miles was around the TT loop 8 times then I met up with Mike and we hit some hills. ;)

I had a close call when I reached for a banana at ~25 mph coasting down a hill. I had my right hand on the aero bar, banana in my left hand and I was just getting ready to bite the top of the banana to peel it when a rabbit came out from nowhere. OH SH*T!! THUMP, THUMP!! It threw me off the road and I steered around one mailbox into a yard then in front of another mailbox and up the lip onto the road again. WOW!! THAT WAS CLOSE! Oh yea, and I didn't drop the banana!! I did however kill the bunny. :(
Now Mike is calling me "Thumper". :)

Polar had me at around 4000' of climbing.

  • 20m 47s
  • 2.69 miles
  • 07m 44s /Mi

Brick off bike. The girls rode their bikes

  • Golf
  • 4h 15m

After the brick I had to pick Matt up from a birthday party, drop the girls off at the barn to ride, take my MIL to her house to show her it's still there, make lunch, pick the girls up from the barn, drop everyone off to my mothers and make it to the golf course for a 1:45 tee time.

I got to the course at 1:44. I hadn't hit a ball since the 1 round I played last year with this same group and started off with a par and a birdie. I should have quit while I was ahead. :) Ended up with an 83. I had a great time playing a spectacular course.



11h 05m 43s23.28 miles21m 15s mph126145
258m 51s22.43 miles22m 52s mph143156

24m 42s8.36 miles20m 19s mph123151
42h 32m 42s46.44 miles18m 15s mph125


  • 1h 00m 50s
  • 21.46 miles
  • 21.17 Mi/hr

Shortened version of yesterday's ride. 2 minutes of torture wrapped in a 1 hr ride.

Main set was 6 x (10" All out / 10" Recovery)

I was cruising during that 2 minutes and my legs felt like they were going to explode!!

I went a few laps around the TT loop and ended with Poplar Hill. I wish I had more time!!!

133m 00s11.91 miles21m 40s mph119139
202m 01s0.97 miles28m 47s mph160169
319m 17s6.83 miles21m 15s mph125165
404m 15s0.80 miles11m 16s mph151164
502m 17s0.95 miles25m 02s mph105150

  • 30m
  • 2000.00 yards
  • 01m 30s /100 yards

Easy OWS at Quaker Lake.

I had hoped to get a 2 hr ride in with 2 min of "turture" but unfortunately I had to get dinner going and with Karen and the girls at the barn Matt has been spending a lot of time alone. I decided to forget the ride and go for a ride with Matt on his new Javelin! He actually listened to me and was able to shift it and brake safely. I think he liked how much faster he could go on the road bike vs his mountain bike. I think he'll end up riding that at the MusselKids tri and Canandaigua Kids Tri.

This week has been flying by. Trying to fit the training I need to is getting tough. This weekend may call for the lights on the bike again to get a 5+ hr training day in. I am on call on Sunday and have a bachelor "dinner" to go to on Saturday and Karen is working 7-7 both days. Suggestions anyone? :)

  • 51m 46s
  • 6.20 miles
  • 08m 21s /Mi

Easy run after work through Otsiningo Park. I stayed on the grass and trails for most of the run. Didn't have my HRM with me and it was nice just to go out and run. Felt great!

Race Report

is finally up!!

  • 54m 10s
  • 4140.00 yards
  • 01m 19s /100 yards

8 laps around the 520 yd measured course. Water temp was 76 and I went without a wetsuit. Laps were pretty consistent. I actually thought the course was a bit short until I measured it myself with the laser.

I just swam, got in a nice groove and didn't stop until it was time to get out.

Note to self: Don't taste the meat sauce you are cooking before going swimming. Do fish eat meat sauce?

Lap    Time          Lap Time      HR     Max    Avg    Min
1.    0:06:39.4    0:06:39.4    140    140    124    59
2.    0:13:21.0    0:06:41.6    152    163    145    135
3.    0:20:07.2    0:06:46.2    153    155    151    148
4.    0:26:49.7    0:06:42.5    154    155    153    149
5.    0:33:36.6    0:06:46.9    156    157    154    150
6.    0:40:27.5    0:06:50.9    155    157    153    149
7.    0:47:20.4    0:06:52.9    155    157    153    146
8.    0:54:10.0    0:06:49.6    159    161    156    145

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