• 44m 03s
  • 11.08 miles
  • 15.09 Mi/hr
I rode out near my house for the first time this spring- I'm not fond of riding around here, and it was worse today!  The first big road I was on had several miles of construction with no shoulder and no safe way for cars to pass, and even worse, the turn off to my side road was all dug up and rocky!  I felt like I was mountain biking!!  Fortunately my bike and I made it through unscathed.  On a happier note, I have been dreading the hill up Valentown road all winter, and either because I'm in better shape, or because of my bike tune up, it wasn't nearly as bad as I expected.  We are headed to our tennis club now, and I'll try to get in a swim there :).  I'm on call tomorrow (only 2 left!), then a planning for a nice run on Monday.

Thanks everyone for checking in!  I've updated my log finally, and I'm about to post the RR :)
  • 32m 03s
  • 3.50 miles
  • 09m 10s /Mi
What an interesting race!  There were 10,000 runners (1% of the population of metro rochester!), and I have never run in a race this big!  It was totally insane.  I'll post details in my RR...  I'm putting my actual time in my training log, and my official time in the race report, since it took me 2 minutes (!) to get to the starting line!  My hips held out OK, thank goodness, and it felt great to race again.  I need to find a 5K next :). 

  • Tennis
  • 15m
Played tennis for about 10 minutes, strained by left hip, tried to play through for 5 minutes, strained it worse.  Grr.  It was a fun 10 minutes, but I hope it didn't ruin my race!

  • 36m 32s
  • 4.02 miles
  • 09m 05s /Mi

Another beautiful day at the lake!  70s and bright blue skies- I just love running by the vineyards with the lake in the background; it never fails to be awe inspiring.  I tried not to push the run too much, in preparation for my race Thursday.  I may swim today if the pool at our tennis club isn't too crowded, and maybe a little tennis too.  Tomorrow I'll play tennis also, Wed I'm on call, thurs is the race.  This weekend I'm aiming for a bike ride at least (on call Sunday though). 

I am seeing more and more cyclists going down our little back road (131/132)- I'm guessing they are all riding the musselman 1/2 IM course, since they don't look like locals and there's no other reason for people to ride this section of road! 

Hope everyone has a great Memorial Day!

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