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  • 55m 19s
  • 5.60 miles
  • 09m 53s /Mi
  • Tennis
  • 1h 15m
Longest run in a long time (and runs 3 days in a row!).  Another gorgeous day at the lake- sunny and 70s. 

  • 18m
  • 3.46 miles
  • 11.53 Mi/hr
  • 29m 27s
  • 3.23 miles
  • 09m 07s /Mi

My bike today was a disaster!  I was planning on a long (20 mile) ride here at the lake.  When I went in to get my bike out of the garage to put it on the car, the back tire was flat.  I took it as an opportunity to practice with CO2 cartridges, and changed out the tube (and I also realized that the frame pump I'd been carrying was a schraeder, unlike my tubes :)).  I brought the bike here, and the tire was still completely full, so I went out for my ride (which was, by the way, a painful headwindy slog).  About 3 and a half miles in I notice something feels funny, so I looked down and the back tire was completely flat.  I tried to fill it with my remaining CO2 cartridge, but it just deflated immediately.  I had another tube, but no pump and no CO2 cartridges left, so I called my husband to come and pick me up.  I had been aware of the possibility of him coming to get me, so he wasn't surprised.  Except that I had locked the car and taken the key :) (DUH!).  So he had to borrow a friend's car.  Now I hope I can figure out what's wrong with the rim/tire/tube so that I can get some riding in before the tri!

To make up for the bike, I went out for a run, which was very nice.  I ran with one of our neighbors here, who is just getting back into working out, but has long legs so it was still a good run.

Oops, the workout actually was today but I put in on the wrong date.  Oh well- I'm not going to change it now.

I had a good time at the meeting- it is the American Academy of Pediatrics' Research group, and it is always motivating to go and hear about how the AAP is supporting research in children.  It is a good way to start my career :).  Now I am sitting in the airport with my laptop, wirelessly connected.  Technology is an amazing thing.

  • 20m 36s
  • 2.20 miles
  • 09m 22s /Mi
In Chicago yesterday and today for a meeting on pediatric research.  I managed to get out and run before the meeting today :).  It was short but I'm not good with morning runs!

  • 19m 36s
  • 4.64 miles
  • 14.20 Mi/hr
  • 14m 34s
  • 1.62 miles
  • 08m 59s /Mi

I did a small brick (bricklet??) today- I was going to do 2 loops of the bike, but it was really windy and I wasn't sure I'd make it back in time to drive my son to camp, so I added a short run on instead.  I really need to get out on the bike more- I'm still nervous on it, but I live in a tough area, with either hills, big intersections, or road construction in every direction.  We are moving though probably- we bought a house close by but at the bottom of the hill, so at least I don't have to worry about the killer hill at the end of the ride :).  Off to Chicago tomorrow for a meeting, so this is functionally my last day as a resident :).

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