• 30m
  • 8.53 miles
  • 17.06 Mi/hr

Trainer ride.  Faster than I usually go.  I'm not sure if it's the trainer on a different setting, or if I was working harder, but I was trying to push the pace a bit.  Still on service (hence the trainer), but a much better day today.  I even got to finish up a paper!

  • 28m 16s
  • 3.05 miles
  • 09m 14s /Mi

Better day today- my wonderful colleague covered last night (was supposed to be a not so wonderful colleague who is leaving and told me the night before that he'd be away!) so I could get some sleep, and I'm off again tonight, so snuck in a run :).  And on Friday I go on vacation!

I'm on service this week.  I had to give bad news today to a family after a day of tests and waiting.  It's not my favorite part.  It's over 90 here today, and I'm exhausted, mentally and physically.  No workout today.

  • 30m
  • 8.49 miles
  • 16.98 Mi/hr

I found my trainer in the basement and set it up so I can ride inside while I'm on service this week.  We still haven't bought the house we are in- we are on our 3rd offer to the bank, and we are still waiting to hear if they've accepted it.  So I still have not unpacked much.  I knew it could take awhile, and I'm dealing OK, but I am starting to get very tired of living around boxes, and not fixing things up (we don't want to put any more into it than necessary in case we don't come to an agreement and have to move again).


  • 27m 18s
  • 3.05 miles
  • 09m 01s /Mi

Good grief it was hot out there!  87 degrees (at least).  Got a quick 3 miler in before the beeper starts to go off though.  Gotta set up the trainer so I can workout inside for the week, though the route I ran was good for on service- I am never really more than 1/2 mile from the house, so I could run back quickly if need be.

After the Blondie/Pat Benatar concert Tuesday I downloaded a couple tunes for my ipod- Invincible by Pat Benatar is a great running song!

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