I'll have a little time off now while I recover from the flu to think about my goals for the winter.  First, I need to lose a few pounds that crept up on me this summer.  I've already come down from my high, but still have about 5-6 to go.  I've signed up for the 6 in 4 challenge, which should be about perfect.  

Otherwise I need to work on strength- both core, and bike and swim specific.  I'm signed up for a yoga for athletes class, so that should help, and I'll try to get in more yoga this winter.  Master's swimming should help with my swim times.  And once we move I'm going to start working on the bike trainer a couple days a week, but working more on low cadence, high power intervals.  Finally, I'll try to get in a couple of strength training workouts each week to build muscle and power.  I'm on service this weekend, so I'll plan to mostly take this week off, and then start up on Monday.
I finally got a fever yesterday, so it's probably flu.  Looks like I'll be taking a bit of a break while I recover!
I'm still not sure if I have just a cold, or flu (just cough and congestion, no fever), but my son has cough, fever, body aches, and congestion, so is very likely to have flu.  Sooo....

Hmm, scratchy throat and sneezy.  Debating the merits of yoga (hot room- kill de virus!) vs. master's tonight...

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