• 30m
  • 7.30 miles
  • 14.60 Mi/hr


Calories = 1767 (carbs 31%, Fat 43%, protein 27%).  I was interviewing a candidate at lunch but our lunch (a greek salad with grilled chicken, dressing on the side), never arrived, so I had to eat chicken parmesan, with caesar salad (dressing definately not on the side) at our applicant lunch.  Not as healthy a choice, but I still kept the day under 1800 (just the ratios are off...).

On service today and tonight and it was a long day so I'm taking a rest day.

  • 30m
  • 7.39 miles
  • 14.78 Mi/hr


Calories= 1562 (42% carbs, 36% fat, 22% protein).

My weight was up today even though my calories weren't that high, but I noticed that I ate a greater % of carbs than usual so I wonder if it was some water weight.  I knew I avoided carbs for a reason :).  I kept my ratio lower today.


  • 52m 12s
  • 5.08 miles
  • 10m 17s /Mi

Nice run on the canal path with Beth.  I love this weather!

Calories=1929.  I'm writing it down now so I don't eat any more.  I've been hungry/cravey all day- not sure if I didn't eat well enough after I ran.  We'll see what it does to the weight tomorrow, but I figure 5 miles buys me a little more food :).

  • 1h 10m
  • 17.00 miles
  • 14.57 Mi/hr

Looong trainer ride.   Got to get used to these...

Calories:  1793.  We went out to see Young Frankenstein with the boys.  It was fun- it's a very silly show ('s Mel Brooks!), and had a lot of adult humor, most of which the kids got! They had a good time, which is the most important part :).

Calories 1605

I was going to run and do weights today but I got caught up at work analyzing data.  Abstracts are due for the pediatric research meetings next week so I'm frantically working on them.  My student just got finished entering the data (nothing like the last minute!), and the results are very significant, so I'm quite excited.  We found that kids hospitalized for influenza who were exposed to secondhand smoke were much more likely to be admitted to the ICU, to get intubated, and they stayed longer in the hospital.  I can't believe this hasn't been demonstrated before, and it was a pretty impressive difference. 

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