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An easy three miles on the hotel treadmill.  It's been a really stressful weekend.  Friday I was on service then flew to Milwaukee. Saturday did my son's first college visit, Sunday watched my son compete in fencing (always stressful!  He actually did pretty well but lost his last bout to someone he knew he should have beaten, so he was bummed out, and stressed about some stuff with his coach), then my younger son, flying here alone, for the first time, through Chicago, was delayed (he made it fine eventually).  Then I had to drop my older son at the airport this am, forgot to bring the itinerary with us, and the airline I thought he was on had no record!  I was terrified he was on an earlier flight that we had missed (though it was 6 am), but finally we found his flight and he was on time.  But then his flight out to Chicago was delayed, and he missed his connection, so he's in Chicago waiting for a later flight, all by himself.   And I still have to get my younger son through his competition today. ACK!

Ugh- I haven't actually fallen off the face of the earth- just had a busy week on service, and then signed out and immediately flew to Milwaukee for a college visit and fencing tournament.  I wanted to get a run in yesterday but had to repair a lame instead :).  Plan for a run today!  I am not going to get much food logging in though, way too tough while traveling.

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