Outstanding weekend of racing although the weather could have been better on Sunday.
Quite sore at this point...no surprise there.

Overall race report link


  • Calories out: 2571 From lifestyle:2571, From activities:0
  • 40m 48s
  • 2281.03 yards
  • 01m 51s /100 yards


no panic attack, but no speed either

  • 3h 11m 46s
  • 56.00 miles
  • 17.52 Mi/hr


dicey, dicey-almost crashed several times; I was lucky; but the most frustrating thing was not being able to shift down to the low gears; rain/dirt?? had to unclip and kick the derailler but then realized I could jiggle the cable and eventually it would shift, but it f*ucked up my race for sure

  • 1h 57m 47s
  • 13.10 miles
  • 08m 59s /Mi


Garmin was messed up; pushed the pace and crashed right at the end
pouring rain-atrocious conditions but my older son finished-despite it all!!
I'm a proud daddy...

  • Calories out: 6477 From lifestyle:2314, From activities:4164
  • 30m 35s
  • 1734.65 yards
  • 01m 46s /100 yards


totally messed up Garmin Multisport
can't believe I wigged out again and had another panic attack-laying on my back again at Quassy-just priceless! 90 seconds of demons trying to calm my breathing after a kick and gulp of the lake-I'm a wuss in the water

  • 1h 17m 17s
  • 25.80 miles
  • 20.03 Mi/hr


pushed to the brink of exhaustion-was pissed after the swim and I didn't care if I blew up
2nd fastest bike split in my AG-woo hoo!

  • 50m 02s
  • 6.20 miles
  • 08m 04s /Mi


pushing it to the point of breathlessness-got cuts/blisters on my feet but I dont care
I finished 3rd in my AG-and that's on the podium, first time in a big race and I was beaming

additionally as my youngest son also completed the OLY with like absolutely no training...

  • Calories out: 4705 From lifestyle:2520, From activities:2185
  • 04m 31s
  • 69.29 yards
  • 06m 31s /100 yards
  • 07m 32s
  • 2.14 miles
  • 17.05 Mi/hr
  • 04m 34s
  • 0.48 miles
  • 09m 31s /Mi

remembering how to do a transition-boy do I suck at it


Sport #1
  • Device Upload
  • 02m

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Sport #2
  • Device Upload
  • 01m

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  • Calories out: 2828 From lifestyle:2633, From activities:194
  • 41m 50s
  • 2057.00 yards
  • 02m 02s /100 yards

sh*tty swim-arms are tired, wetsuit felt tight and constricting, water was dirty
BUT I did see the giant turtle and that is always a sign of good luck (I hope)
and it's always a pleasure to see Tony, Arlo and the others. total of 5-Tony swam the perimeter by himself


  • 28m 43s
  • 3.01 miles
  • 09m 32s /Mi


shaking out cobwebs and mixing a few strides in

  • Calories out: 3203 From lifestyle:2519, From activities:683

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