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Cold and a little windy probably in the upper 30's low 40's temp wise

How do I feel today? I was a little tired this morning. I messed up the whole Daylight Saving thing. I set the clocks ahead! DOH! The alarm rang I got up to get ready for my race then I look at my phone and it says 5 AM! I'm like damn I can't believe it so I went back to bed and got up at 7 AM and got ready to roll. Well I would have run the NYC Marathon today but am running a 10K in Center Moriches instead. This is the last official day of my season, 209 long days. I am going out with a bang and I am going to PR today baby!

Well I did it, I totally killed it today! I PR'd by 4 minutes! I ran an unofficial 49:21 which destroys my best of 53:16 which I did on this same course on Mother's Day 2011. Just a totally awesome run for me today. I ran hard and ran as fast as I could for as long as I could and I finished strong. I definitely left it all out there today and I had fun doing it today. It was a beautiful cold, crisp day perfect for running. I also got to meet fellow BT'er Scott aka FELTgood and his family. It was nice to finally get to meet him and he did well today too.

The race organizers did a great job with the race. They also collected donations of clothing and other items that will stay local to help other LI'ers in need due to the storm. Joyce and I went out yesterday and picked up some clothes and blankets for the donation at the race today. I also got confirmation last night on my hotel room. I was able to donate that to a woman on LI on does not have any power and works on the upper west side where the hotel is so it will go to someone who needs it. I may not have gotten to run the marathon this weekend but it turned out to be an awesome weekend. I will drink my Guinness Black Lager's today watching the football games without any guilt today in regards to exercise. I earned them, what an awesome season this was this year.

  • Calories out: 3310 From lifestyle:2605, From activities:706
  • Health data: Sleep: 3 Stress: 3 Soreness: 3 Fatigue: 3 Hours slept: 7 Overall Workout: 5

How do I feel today? I feel a lot better than I did yesterday. I was totally bummed out yesterday. Today things are looking up. I am very happy they cancelled the NYC Marathon that was the right thing to do. I donated my Hotel room this morning so I feel good and hope someone who needs it can take advantage of those two days. It's not much but I hope it helps someone.

I also signed up for a 10K tomorrow in Center Moriches, the Seeds of Hope which is run by Your Energy Shines (YES). I have run this course for the Mothers for Miles last year on Mother's day and it was fun. YES does a great job with their events so I am excited about finishing the year on a positive note. I am going to try and PR this thing tomorrow. I am going ALL out. I don't care if I wind up laying on the side of the road after mile 3. I am going to go for it. More importantly the Red Cross will be there taking clothing, blanket and food donations so it will be nice to be able to contribute to the relief effort.

Today I was going to run but if I do anything I may just spin on the bike on the trainer and save the legs for tomorrow and then go shopping in the afternoon. I can't believe how pysched I am to do this now. It's gonna be a blast and it will let me finish this season on a high note.

No workout today I took a pass since I am running the 10K tomorrow. I went food shopping and picked up some clothing for the donation to the Red Cross tomorrow. Just going to chill the rest of the evening unfortunately my wife went out in search of gas for one of the cars and she is waiting on line at a Hess station in Wading River.

  • Calories out: 2605 From lifestyle:2605, From activities:0
  • Health data: Sleep: 3 Stress: 3 Soreness: 3 Fatigue: 3 Hours slept: 10

How do I feel this morning? I am tired and pretty depressed about the whole situation here. Watching the news is sad and depressing. In any case I will be calling the hotel this morning to cancel and try and get my refund. I'll consider my NYC Marathon entry fee a donation. Hopefully NYRR will do the right thing and make a nice donation to the relief effort. I will cancel my entry for the NYC Marathon as well this morning and defer unitl next year. On the training front I will either get a run in today or just do a spin on the trainer. For me the off season is starting once I cancel this the morning so I will figure out what I am doing over the next 3 or 4 weeks before I start the IM training.

I also signed up for a 70.3, Syracuse. Looks like a pretty challenging course so I am looking forward to that. I will be signing up for Riverhead Rocks today as well. I liked that race and I like the course. I need to find another olympic tri that I can do locally next year.

I signed up for the Riverhead Rocks olympic triathlon for 2013 so the schedule is shaping up pretty nicely now. I was going to workout tonight but I just don't feel like it. I'm tired and really disappointed that I won't be running the marathon this weekend. I'm even more disappointed that they are moving forward with it. Honestly the whole thing just really sucks.

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  • Health data: Sleep: 3 Stress: 3 Soreness: 3 Fatigue: 3 Hours slept: 7.5
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53 degrees 60% humidity
10 mph wind

How do I feel today? Not bad a little tired this morning. Been feeling like that all week. It has been a really long week and it's not over yet. I will probably just get a short run in today probably 4 to 5 miles during lunch. Still keeping an eye on what the plans are for the marathon this weekend. Looks like things are starting to get back up and running but NYC has a lot to do. Still a lot of people without power. Long Island still has over 740,000 of it's 1.1 million customers without power, it's dropping but that is just unbelievable. Thoughts and prayers with everyone affected by the storm.

Well I got another 5 miler in today during lunch. Just a tune up for the marathon. I am really on the fence for the marathon. I have been waiting 3 years to do this so I want to do it but not under these circumstances. It's just wrong to be diverting resources that could be helping others who are really in need to put on a race. I am all for supporting NY but I just think this is a really bad decision. I have until Saturday to cancel. I don't think I can get a refund on the hotel so I would probably stay in the NYC for two days with my wife and just go out and have a 3 day weekend with her so either way it will be fine. I am really up in the air on this.

I have been thinking about this all day and I am 90% sure I am not going to run in the marathon this weekend. If I can get a refund on the hotel which it sounds like I can when I talked with them tonight I will defer until next year. I just can't in good conscience go out and run in the marathon and enjoy doing it knowing that people here in NY/NJ/CT have lost there homes, suffered home or property damage, have no power, food and water. I support NYC moving forward but this is a very bad decision in my opinion. I want to enjoy the experience of running the NYC marathon I just can't do it under these circumstances. I will have to wait one more year.

  • Calories out: 3192 From lifestyle:2591, From activities:601
  • Health data: Sleep: 3 Stress: 3 Soreness: 3 Fatigue: 3 Hours slept: 8 Overall Workout: 3
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51 degrees 62% humidity
7 mph wind

How do I feel today? I am tired today. It's halloween today, the schools are closed due to the storm still. I doubt we are going to get very many people today. We usually don't but with the storm I would be surprised to see anyone out. It is raining today as well which is probably hampering the restoration efforts as well. I can't tell you how guilty I feel having power when there are so m any people still out. There are still over 870,000 people without power. I am looking at the outage of my neighborhood and there are still lot's people out here. I am praying they get there power back soon.

Also been thinking about the marathon. I can't see how they are going to do it. I am not sure whether I should run or not if they do it. I am seriously thinking about deferring until next year. I don't know I am taking a wait an see approach to this. It sort of does not seem like the right thing to do. I think they should cancel or postpone it.

On the training front I will get back to it today after 3 days off it will be a short run or trainer ride. I am not even sure the pool is open they may not even have power. I didn't even bother checking and am thinking no swimming this week.

I got my first training session in since Saturday. I did a 5 mile run this evening and it was good to get out and run. It was colder out there so no shorts tonight very cool and crisp. It was good to see some kids out there trick or treating. Actually there were a lot more than I expected to see. Nice to see that with everything that has happened here. Been very sad and very hard to watch the news. It's just surreal to see the devastation the storm left and that is no exaggration. It is the worse storm we've ever had and the worse damage I have ever seen. If NYC pulls off the marathon this weekend it will be nothing short of a miracle. I just don't see how they are going to do it with everything else going on.

  • Calories out: 3146 From lifestyle:2579, From activities:567
  • Health data: Sleep: 3 Stress: 3 Soreness: 3 Fatigue: 3 Hours slept: 8.5 Overall Workout: 3

Man what a storm that was yesterday. Lost power at 5:45 PM yesterday afternoon and got it back tonight at 8 PM. We are very, very lucky no property or home damage just without power for a day. Hoping to get my younger daughter Erin back tomorrow. She is fine but rode out the storm in Long Beach which was hit very, very hard. She was not in danger as she was not in the worse areas for LB but she is lucky. We are hoping we can get in and get her tomorrow. This was a very, very bad storm. I have never seen or heard so much wind for such a long duration and the flooding was pretty epic.

Needless to say no training the last three days. I will get a short run in tomorrow during lunch and I will get back to working as I was unable to since I did not have any power or internet access. Hoping and praying for everyone else who was affected by the storm. Many lost the their homes and/or had property damage. 90% of Long Island customers lost power during the storm and were still out tonight, over 900,000 customers. Just unbelievable. Thank God my family is alright and as far as I know most of my family and friends are doing alright thankfully.

  • Calories out: 2598 From lifestyle:2598, From activities:0
  • Health data: Sleep: 3 Stress: 3 Soreness: 3 Fatigue: 3 Hours slept: 9.5

How do I feel today? Pretty good, a little tired wished I could have slept later today. Well Hurricane Sandy has arrived and the assault is just beginning. I am guessing the pool will be closed today and it's probably not a very good idea to be venturing out so I will probably just spin some on the trainer this evening after work. Hopefully we here on Long Island are minimally affected by the storm. It looks like we will not get the full brunt of the storm however I am praying for those who do. Looks like it's going to be bad with the high tides meaning lot's of flooding. Hoping everyone stays safe.

Ok I said the heck with the training tonight and took a shower just in case we lose power. This is going to be a bad storm. I really am hoping my daugther is ok too as she was out in Long Beach which was supposed to be evacuated. Still trying to get in touch with her to make sure she is alright. Yeah I am worried and am hoping she's alright.

  • Calories out: 2634 From lifestyle:2634, From activities:0
  • Health data: Sleep: 3 Stress: 3 Soreness: 3 Fatigue: 3 Hours slept: 8

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