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  • 26.20 miles
  • 08m 43s /Mi

21 miles of bllss,
5 miles of ouch! RR Later. A grat day!

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Real easy. All systms go! feet don't fail me now ;)

Busy today. Travel days tomorrow and Monday. I'll catch you guys on the other side of 26.2 Cool Thanks for the well wishes.

  • Yoga
  • 30m

Got a good stretch, Just not in the mood for a trainer session in the damp, chilly garage. Fending off some cold like symptons so this seemed like the logical choice.

Well, Vitamin C and Zinc tablets seemed to have kept the cold at bay. L-lysine and Abreva have prevented a potential cold sore from coming out. Apparantly with this taper my immune system is a bit low. Alas, supplements/drugs are wonderful thing! As long as I don't twist an ankle on tomorrow's last light run I'll have no excuses on sunday. It's cool going in knowing that I'll set a marathon PR. Easy when it's your first. Cool

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FIRST MARATHON WEEK - Key Run #2 - 3 miles at PMP

light drizzle. Realize how lucky I've been; only the 2nd time in 3 months I've run in the rain.

well, that's the last "key' run on the plan before MCM! Friday w/b a light jog then I toe the line!

The work is done! I started the FIRST Beginner Marathon Training Program on 8/1 (3 months ago) and here are my totals:

Swim - 17,480 yds, Bike - 533 miles , Run 331 miles.

When I decide to do a race I pick a plan and do all I can to complete every workout. I'm most happy that I only missed one run (due to injury) in the entire 3 months. For a MOP'er like me I find consistency is the most important ingrediant to a successful race. Successful meaning being prepared and able to enjoy the moment. The results (e.g. time, AG place, etc.) really are immaterial to me. It's not why I do this.

I've done all I can do. My original goals were to get to the start uninjured and not walk during the race. Well the first is done. The second, I'm convinced, is purely mental at this point. While I've become more aggresive in my (semi-private) goals for the race my objective is still to go to MCM and enjoy my first marathon experience, meet some new people and let the chips fall where they may. I already know it's going to be a great weekend!

Charlotte on business. Long day. Flew Continental. 0-2 on departure times. Got up at 4 am to get a 6:30 flight. It left at 7:40. If I wanted a 7:40 flight I would've booked a 7:40 flight! I won't even discuss the return flight. Guess who I'm flying on saturday? Thinking flying wasn't such a good idea afterall. Gotta be the most inept industry in the country.
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  • 08m 07s /Mi

10 min w/u
6 x 400 (400 RI)
10 min c/d

Feeling good! Beatuiful out there today/

Can someone PLEASE copy and paste today's weather to D.C. on sunday? THANK YOU!

For the record, I don't look at believe 5 day (or 3 day) weather forecasts cause they are useless! 

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