Sport #1
  • Hockey
  • 1h 00m

Pickup Hockey with a friend of mine.
First time playing hockey in at least 2 years.

Sport #2
  • Wood Chopping
  • 5h 00m

Pickup Hockey with a friend of mine.
First time playing hockey in at least 2 years.

Woodcutting/stacking and hockey? This was supposed to be a day off!!

  • 57m
  • 17.24 miles
  • 18.15 Mi/hr

Excersize bike at the Y
diff 7/12
Tough to maintain cadence at this diff, but I did it. A definite improvement.

This week has been interesting. Seems silly, but it has been tough not going over the times set in my training plan. This is my first lower volume week (every 4th week) of the 2x 20wk plan. However, I do feel rested, fresh and ready to excersize. That is likely the point of it all. Bike ride scheduled for later today. It will likely have to be indoors at the local Y again.

  • Health data: Sleep: 3 Stress: 3 Soreness: 4
  • 17m
  • 1.86 miles
  • 09m 07s /Mi

My Short run this week.
Outside, on a snow covered trail. It made for interesting footing.

My cold still refuses to go away. I feel a little better again today. But I really wish it would just go away. Short run scheduled for tonight. Wife and dogs may join me again. One really annoying thing is my weight. It is almost getting discouraging. It really isn't changing after 1 month on this training program. I am eating healthy. Not perfect, but an honest effort. I know I am getting fit, run/swim/bike farther, feeling better, tapering in at the waist, but the scale shows little difference. While I know that likely the new excersizes are adding muscle in some areas, it is still frustrating to not really see progress on the scale. I took before pictures. Maybe if I took 1 month pictures and compare they might provide some feelings of progress.

  • Health data: Sleep: 2 Stress: 3 Soreness: 4
  • 30m
  • 1100.00 meters
  • 02m 44s /100 meters

50 free
50 Breast
100 free
200 arms (free) with paddles
200 free
100 free
100 breast
100 free
100 breast
50 free
50 breast

Woke up feeling somewhat better from my cold. It's still there though. Scheduled for a swim after work today. Completed my workout after work. This is the first easy week in my training plan. -40% last weeks volume. The swim workouts feel REALLY short.

I felt good last night when I went to sleep, woke up feeling like crap again. I get this when I am sick, tough mornings, then feel better in the afternoons. It may last for a week. Yeah. Legs don't feel to bad after yesterday's run. This is the last week in my first month on the 20wk 2x plan. The first recovery week. Times are down. Hopefully I can get in the training, and kick this cold before volume goes up again next week. This is my scheduled rest day.
  • 12m
  • 1.00 miles
  • 5.00 Mi/hr

Easy bike for cool down after run. (Someone was waiting for a treadmill, so I got off it right away and grabbed a bike.)

  • 48m
  • 4.21 miles
  • 11m 24s /Mi

Run on treadmill to makeup for Sunday's missed run.
Negative splits

24 min @ 12 min/mile
22 min @ 11 min/mile
2 min @ 10 min/mile

Felt good, but was really working hard at the end.

Heartrate measured at end
145 BPM

  • 20m
  • 700.00 meters
  • 02m 52s /100 meters

50 free
50 breast
100 free
8x50 (1xfree, 1xbreast, 10 sec rest)
50 breast
50 free

  • Volleyball
  • 1h 00m

Good volleyball tonight.
Had a nice workout. Legs were a bit tired from the run to be guarding the net properly though.
We won: 15-4, 15-11, 15-12

Power came on last night just after the Superbowl. Finally. It was out for 2 full days. Friday 10pm to Sunday 10pm. Still feeling like crap. High winds, cold temperatures, and lots of shovelling snow aren't helping. I'll see how I feel this afternoon, and hopefully get in the run that I missed. I did start to feel better so I went to the gym.

Was supposed to run today. Blizzard outside, 2-3 feet of snow, still no power. To top it off, I'm sick. Stuffy nose, cloudy head, achey.....yuck. Hey at least we have a woodstove, so our house is warm. Our neighbours are over here because their house is getting really COLD. So, I guess I will miss my run today. More snow to shovel though, does that count?

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