• 37m 11s
  • 12.43 miles
  • 20.05 Mi/hr

Great bike segment to the race. The new P2C's first race and I can say is it's awesome!!

  • 24m 58s
  • 3.11 miles
  • 08m 02s /Mi

This was a really good run for me, but it has become clear that I race to T2 and try to survive the run. I need to work on my running.

  • 13m 54s
  • 750.00 meters
  • 01m 51s /100 meters

Not a bad swim for me. I am 12-15 seconds/100m faster in the pool without a wetsuit, than I am in OW with a wetsuit. If I could only figure out why?

I competed in the Leamington Tomatoman Triathlon today.  (750m / 20k / 5k  sprint tri)

It was a beautiful day, and an awesome day for me.  Pictures are in my album, race report will follow shortly.  I set a new PB for the sprint distance by improving in all 3 disciplines.  AG 4/9  Overall 27/125  I was on a high for the rest of the day!!

Don't forget to congratulate Mamamia1 as she completed this race as her first triathlon!!  She was smiling and waving whenever I saw her on the course, and was still smiling at the end, so I think she had a good day.

Looks like a nice morning.

As soon as the dew burns off, it's time to start working on the sailboat again.


I got 2 coats of paint on the deck, and cabin of the sailboat.  I also got 2 coats of paint in place for the waterline and cove stripes.   After it was dry I masked the stripes.

I also cut the grass, and weed eated the ditch and area around the edge of the property.

Then as a break, the wife and I took the dogs to the beach.  Some jogging and strides on the beach with the dogs.  I didn't swim, but the dogs did.

I washed my bike, cleaned and lubed the chain when we got back from the beach.
I also loaded my tri bag for tomorrow's race, and went over it's contents multiple times.
I'm scared that I might forget something for this first race of the year.  Everything is loaded in the car now.  It's almost time to call it a night.  Nothing left but the anticipation!!

  • Health data: Sleep: 3 Stress: 3 Soreness: 3 Fatigue: 3 Hours slept: 7.5
  • 1h 00m
  • -----
  • -----

Trainer ride at the LBS trying out a new saddle. I think I found a saddle that might work. Tough to tell on the trainer. Profile Carbon Stryke will hopefully stop the problems.

Today I go to the bike shop after work to attempt to find a saddle that I can stay in for more than 1.5 hours.  I hope I can solve this issue today.

  • Health data: Sleep: 3 Stress: 3 Soreness: 3 Fatigue: 3 Hours slept: 6
  • 20m
  • -----
  • -----

20 minutes of OWS in the wetsuit. This was in the lake itself off of Canatara beach. The water was a lot colder this time. It was hard to keep my face in the water.

Also practiced getting out of the wetsuit.

I pickup the butchered chickens tonight.  I hope to get a short run in before that, but might spend the time working on the sailboat instead.


I did get the sailboat sanded again.  I am ready to start painting the white for the final coat.  (top deck, cabin, and hull stripes)

  • Health data: Sleep: 3 Stress: 3 Soreness: 3 Fatigue: 3 Hours slept: 6
  • Sailing
  • 3h 00m

Wed night club race. Weird wind. Lots of wind shifts, direction changes, and dead zones. We had lots of downwind speed, but couldn't point upwind with our competitors. We finished 3rd. I over indulged in beer and pizza at the party after the race. Not the best thing to do a few days before a triathlon.

Another beautiful day.  Could the weather be any better?  75-80 degrees in the daytime, 50-60 degrees at night.  PERFECT!

I'm hoping for a lake swim later today, followed by Sailing, followed by working on my boat again.

1/2 of our chickens went to the butcher yesterday.  I will pick them up Thursday night.  The rest of the meat chickens will be butchered at the end of the month regardless of their size.  We don't want them for the month of July asd we won't be home much to care for them.

I have an appointment for Friday night with the shop I bought my bike from.  We are going to experiment and try to solve my saddle issues.  It shouldn't hurt this much to ride.

Last nights ride was my first ride in a long time without socks.  I was practicing for my upcoming tri's.  Good news, 50 miles of riding with no issues without socks.   Bring on the faster transitions!

  • Health data: Sleep: 3 Stress: 3 Soreness: 3 Fatigue: 3 Hours slept: 7
  • 2h 50m 53s
  • 48.92 miles
  • 17.18 Mi/hr

Regular Tuesday night group ride.
Did a few intervals and speed bursts. I hit 35.5 mph at one point on flat ground. This bike flys.

Slept like crap last night.

The dogs went crazy three times last night.  Barking and snarling loud enough you would think they were tearing the house down.  I don't know what they heard, I get up and went outside both times to find absolutely nothing.  Also, twice last night the smoke alarms went off.  No appearent reason, but again I had to get up and check.  There must have been something blowing in the breeze that caused the problem.  Then of course the wife is on afternoons this week, she got home at 2am and woke me up.  I think I got my sleep in 1/2 hour increments last night.  Not pleasant.  I was trying to sleep for 7 hours, I don't know what it worked out to with all the interruptions.

  • Health data: Sleep: 2 Stress: 3 Soreness: 3 Fatigue: 3 Hours slept: 7
  • 20m
  • 500.00 meters
  • 04m /100 meters

Put on the new wetsuit and went for a swim in the lake. Just a couple of quick bursts to speed with some practice sighting etc. The suit adds a lot of bouyance. It doesn't seem to affect my stroke much, maybe a bit on the off-breathing side. It certainly takes the cold away. I felt like a tool though putting on a wetsuit and going swimming in front of a beach full of teenagers tanning. Oh well, I think it will work well.

I had some trouble waking up this morning.  Guess I spent too much time outside on the weekend.

I finally started with painting the sailboat.  Almost have the boat primered.  I ran out of paint.  It was really frustrating as it was late Saturday, and the local marine store was closed so I had to wait for today to get more.

Goal for the week, short tempo workouts and open water swims in preparation for my first tri of the season this coming Sunday.  Hopefully the first OWS happens later today, weather permitting.


Called the LBS today regarding my saddle being uncomfortable.  They have a suggested saddle to try next, I'm going to try to get down there one night this week or maybe Saturday morning to test a different saddle.

  • Health data: Sleep: 3 Stress: 3 Soreness: 3 Fatigue: 3 Hours slept: 7.5

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