The following equipment is nearing replacement:
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  • 500.00 meters
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Don't fall out of your chair, or anything...

Not so bad - I guess - since the last time I participated in lap swimming was 1991. Of course, we arrive at the pool and they don't have change for a $20 bill, and no one had the key to the safe. What kind of establishment is this?

Rest Day

I may put my mountain bike back craigslist.  Not sure why this urge is suddenly hitting me again. Last fall, I had it listed on craigslist, but I got some really bizarre responses from people, and removed the ad because I didn't want to deal with anymore weirdos.  One guy even chewed me out over the price, which I clearly stated was negotiable, but it also doesn't mean I will give it away, either.  Anyway, I look at how much I've ridden it this year compared to my road bike, and I realize it's probably not worth it to keep it hanging around.

  • 12m
  • 1.25 miles
  • 09m 36s /Mi

Um,, swimming was on the agenda today. We arrived at the pool at 4:30PM for the regularly scheduled lap swim, but it was closed, and the sign read "Sunday lap swim @ 6:30PM on 6/25." So, we went home and returned at 6:30PM, only to find out that no one had the key to the pool, and the pool manager was on vacation. I wonder how it is that the swim meet that was taking place during normal lap hours had a key? Anyway, we tried...

    • 7h 15m 41s
    • 104.50 miles
    • 14.39 Mi/hr

    ~2 miles farther than the Sequoia.

    • Stretching
    • 15m

     Here is a 54-mile segment of the Century we rode today.  My Garmin says this section is 8,300 ft of vertical elevation.  After the second large hill, there was another climb that went part-ways up Page Mill Road.  It wasn't as brutal as far as the climb itself goes, but it was hotter than a pistol!

    Note:  The new back tire is notably better.  Very sweet, indeed.  

    • Health data: Sleep: 5 Soreness: 2 Fatigue: 2 Hours slept: 7 Overall Workout: 4
    • 22m 45s
    • 5.40 miles
    • 14.24 Mi/hr

    Easy spin. Rode the mtn bike down to the BART station and back. It was fun bombing around on that big ole thing.

    Purchased a Vittoria Rubino Pro tire for the back, and will replace it this afternoon.  I decided to wait for a month or so before replacing the front b/c it's still in decent shape.  The Rubinos weigh 220 grams.  Today, I realized that my back tire was really getting that squared-off look, and decided it was time to do the deed. 

    Installed the new tire - a little tougher than replacing a mtn bike tire. 

    • 18m 45s
    • 2.00 miles
    • 09m 23s /Mi

    very easy run at the track

    I've been asked to go swimming this weekend......    Um, ok...  It seems so random for much the same way that bar hopping would be random for me...

    • 1h 10m 02s
    • 20.20 miles
    • 17.31 Mi/hr

    1,031 ft elevation

    • Crossfit
    • 17m 55s


    Five rounds, each for time of:
    20 Pull-ups
    30 Push-ups
    40 Sit-ups
    25 Squats

    Rest precisely three minutes between each round. Post time...

    I modified this WOD to three rounds; a) although I perform pull-ups in my strength training routine, I reached muscle failure by the end of the 3rd round; b) reduced squats to 25 reps since I have a century on Saturday and I'm expecting 7,000 ft + of vertical climbing.

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