The following equipment is nearing replacement:
  • 36m 17s
  • 10.00 miles
  • 16.54 Mi/hr

recovery ride

  • Stretching
  • 10m

  • 7h 25m 03s
  • 102.50 miles
  • 13.82 Mi/hr

The Sequoia Century says this ride consists of 8,710 ft of climbing.  Frankly, I don't know how they've measured the elevation, but according to my garmin, we ascended a grand total of 14,527 ft yesterday.  Climb #1 started at mile 11.8 (steep!), and the climbing didn't let up until mile 17.5, but there was still more climbing to go after the rest stop, but it wasn't too bad.  There were two small climbs between the two largest climbs, and the second major climb started at mile 66.2 and didn't let up until mile 76.5, then it turned to rollers, then began another 1,100 ft climb to the fourth rest stop.

It was obvious from the start that this was a tough ride because as we rode out Foothill Blvd, everyone was going sooo slow, and no one was talking - it was almost creepy.  I passed quite a few people on the hills.  During my climbs I noticed that shorter statured people, like myself, seemed to perform better on the hills, while taller riders seemed to be having a tougher time of it.  At no time did a tall person ever pass me on any hill, but I did play leap frog with a couple of petite women.  I noticed one guy walking his bike up the second hill.  This ride is a prep-ride for next month's Death Ride up in the Sierras.

Lotsa riders out on restored vintage touring bikes, which was kinda cool - they were even wearing those old school cotton cycling jerseys. 

Overall, a very challenging century ride, and not something a person should enter without substantial hill work under their belt. 


  • Hiking
  • 45m

Picked-up our numbers and maps today, and performed a little bike maintenance.  This is going to be a fun ride.  There appears to be several places where the pavement is in poor condition and organizers advised that riders be very cautious.  The elevation looks like this:

  • 1st rest stop: 2,720 ft @ mile 17.5
  • 2nd rest stop: 3,970 ft @ mile 43.6
  • Lunch:  4,870 ft @ mile 60.5
  • 4th rest stop: 8,130 ft @ mile 85.3
  • Finish: 8,710 (course was changed this year due to some road closures on the Santa Cruz side, otherwise this was to be a 8,900 ft course)

  • 41m 02s
  • 11.16 miles
  • 16.32 Mi/hr

  • 1h 00m 26s
  • 17.19 miles
  • 17.07 Mi/hr

Rode out to the top of the reservoir. Climbed to the top in 19T. Max MPH on descent: 40 MPH - uh, for a wicked fun downhill sprint.

  • Stretching
  • 10m

  • 1h 28m 54s
  • 25.57 miles
  • 17.26 Mi/hr

Easy ride today. I was definately feeling Monday's leg workout and those deadlifts - it's beeen a while since I've done Dls. It took a while for me to loosen up.

Rest Day

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