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Rest Day

My forced reduction in internet participation has worked well, and helped me re-gain a bit of focus at a time when I felt like my ability to focus had made its way out to the trash bin.  I imposed this restriction on my net interaction because I am so burned out in school that I am easily distracted and found myself using any excuse to fuck around on the internet...or, take out the trash....uh, clean the shower....oh yeah, wash the car....anything but homework.  So, I decided to minimize my participation in various forums so that I could re-gain my focus on finals, and begin concentrating on tackling the absolutely smothering amount of homework and this feeling that there is always something I need to work on.  So far it has worked.  The good news is that one week from tomorrow, this nightmarish semester is over with, and I'll be able to breathe again!  It's been a long haul, tons of homework, enormous amounts of reading, but worth it in the long run.   I've used my laser printer so much for school purposes in the last 6 months, I've managed to exhaust an entire catridge.  The previous cartridge I purchased lasted over 2 years!

After August 22nd, I will direct my energy to the upcoming taxation career fair and job interviews with firms, and the easier up-coming fall semester where I have decided to take two classes, instead of three.  The fall tax class happens to be the easiest of all the tax courses in my program, while the accounting class is reportedly the most difficult one in the year-long sequence.   Returning to grad school for the second time is not very fun, and I must say that as I get older I find sitting in class to be less pleasurable than it was at one time.  Combine that with the fact that my classes start at either 6PM or 6:50PM - my body's internal clock starts to wind-down by 8:00PM and then I fade fast.  It made for a tough semester. 

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8,000 ft elevation climbed. SF/Stinson Beach/Fairfax Loop. Stopped in Fairfax for lunch and to re-fill out water bottles. Wasn't entirely sure about how to make our way back from Fairfax to San Francisco using the bike path in Marin County. Thought we were lost in San Anselmo, but that wasn't the case. This is a spectacular ride with weather that was either overcast and foggy with heavy mist and wet pavement and wind whiping off the ocean to hot dry climate in Fairfax. The GG Bridge was nightmarishly windy! Crap!

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Accounting final exam

Rest Day
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