The following equipment is nearing replacement:

For the next 10 days I'm pug-sitting for my 84 year old neighbor who is currently in Florida seeking new retirement digs.  I didn't get off to an early start on the bike this morning because one of the dogs has a serious issue - a potentially contageous issue - requiring urgent veterinary attention.  I've spent this morning calling around to various clinics before finally making contact with my neighbor on his cellphone in order to find out which vet he uses.  Thankfully, I was able to make contact with him otherwise this could have been a nightmare, and I didn't want to take the dogs in to the vet without his knowledge.  Anyway, no one has an available appointment today, and the emergency animal hospital in San Mateo won't see the dog because the issue is technically not an emergency.  To me it's an emergency because of the profound gross-ness of it all.... my God!  Monday at 3PM we'll go to the vet...with our, uh, specimen

There's nothing more troubling than to call the clinic where your neighbor claims he takes his dogs only to be told by the vet's receptionist that he hasn't come to that clinic in 6 years, and the vet's office is sure that the neighbor has since switched clinics, and suggested I use the other clinic.  I kept telling the receptionist that her office IS the ONLY office my neighbor claims to have ever used for his dogs.  Grrrr!  Anyway, we went around and around over this issue before finally scoring an appt. 

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  • 17.83 miles
  • 17.83 Mi/hr

My interview today went very well.  I really like this firm, and the opportunities that are available there.  I'd be exposed to a lot of corporate and international tax issues early in my career as well as gaining a lot of client consultation experience,  rather than the Big 4 firms where I might grow old doing tax compliance (yawn!), and never see a client until much later in my career.  Anyway, I certainly appreciate the experiences this firm has to offer, even if it's a smaller firm. 

In other news, I smell another 700 mile month on the bike. Sniff, sniff...I'm a hound.  An LSD ride tomorrow - I believe I'll start from home and ride out Canada to Sand Hill, then down Foothill to where ever it takes me. 

  • 40m
  • 13.02 miles
  • 19.53 Mi/hr


  • Physical Therapy
  • 1h 45m
Lots going on throughout the next month:  Interview with accounting firm on Friday, SJPD practise session for phys. agility on 10/14/06; phys. agility test for SJPD on 11/04/06; practise phys. agility for SFPD on 10/19/06, and phys agility test for SFPD on 10/28/06.

  • 2h 07m 33s
  • 32.69 miles
  • 15.38 Mi/hr

07/20/06: OLH Climb - 26:40
New PR: OLH Climb - 24:14, 3.35 miles

4,026 ft cummulative elevation climbed today.

New PR Today's OLH Hill Climb!

  • Physical Therapy
  • 2h 00m

I thought this session was never going to end.

  • 20m
  • -----
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  • Crossfit
  • 18m 26s


Five rounds for max reps of:
Body weight bench press

BP: 130 lbs - 10, 10, 11, 8, 6
PU: 126 lbs - 11, 10, 6, 5, 3
HS Crunches: 5x12x55lbs

Busy day today; continue filling out on-line apps to firms & applying through the university career ctr, finish homework, read WSJ, work out, etc.  Not sure why some of the firms want applicants to apply through both their own website and the university career center.  The on-line apps are very time consuming because you have to establish "user profiles" and each firm want very specific and detailed information in your cover letter.  Yesterday, I filled-out three apps on the various firm websites and 2 more on the university's web site, not to mention e-mailing various contacts I made at the career fair last Friday.  Things are really looking up, and the fall hiring season is on fire.  There is currently an accountant shortage, and a large number of firms scrapping for the existing prospective hires.  It's competitive for the firms, but great for new hires.  The market is so hot right now that I can expect a significant pay raise over my previous career.  I've worked hard for this career change; I deserve whatever postive stuff is coming my way. 

  • 2h 03m 58s
  • 31.18 miles
  • 15.09 Mi/hr

recovery ride, easy pace

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