I think I will be back to normal.  I have to rake leaves this weekend so if that leaves me pain-free, I think I am good to get back.

On a sidenote, I just finished watching A Scanner Darkly, excellent movie...add it to Netflix.  Every triathlete will appreciate the 'missing gears' scene.  Hilarious. 

Whatever was causing me problems a few weeks ago seems to have gone away, I may start some light running or swimming in the next few days.  Feeling drained though, the family has just gone through a spat of sickness and I have escaped narrowly again.  I've been staying up too late working.  That is a no-no when trying to stay healthy.  My diet has been totally in the tank.  I must get that back on track again. 

Will I ever have a solid 6-9 months of 'no issues' that usually sets me back to square one in training?  And I was doing GOOD before this hit.  It's just irritating.  It has been sooo long since I have been truely on a roll.

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