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About 2 hours after the swim.

  • 35m
  • 1400.00 yards
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WU: 200
MS: 1000yd time trial (2:26) I didn't really 'push' it. Just went continuously and tried to be conscious of the two drills I've been working on. Surprisingly after the 1000 yards, I wasn't that winded, I could have done 600 more.
CD: 200, Hotub.*

*About that hot-tub today...if I do a 1000yd time trial for my T-pace, I EXPECT the hot-tub to be FULLY functional, and even hotter than other days.  I had no bubbles, only 1/3 of the jets worked.  What a let down.  I did all that work for nothing! 


I have a gripe about my Ohio race director, HFP Racing.  Don't get me wrong, they put on great races but it seems that every year their website gets worse.  I do like the clean look of it this year, but that is where is stops.

This year the are going with for registration instead of themselves, which is fine.  The problems I have is that the HFP racing website hosts ABSOLUTELY no race information except for the date.  The Active registration page doesn't have nice formatting, no pictures, no quick links to different parts of a race...try reading the directions or the listing of race distances!

Though not an Ohio race series, Setup events has THE BEST race website.  All race directors should take notes.

It seems like ever since the Tri-One-O-One series, HFP is trying to do too much or grow too fast.  I hope their races stay on par this year.

  • 30m
  • 1000.00 yards
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WU: 200
MS: 200 Fingertip Drag, 100 swim, 200 Closed fist, 100 swim, 200 (2:10)
CD: Hotub

I'm liking the focus of the closed fist drill.  I have never before thought of using more than just my hand as the paddle, this drill really gets me focusing on the fingertips to the elbow as the paddle.

I need to go to bed, I just deleted my post that took me 20minutes to figure out and write.  Then when I re-read it, I totally read the wrong distance of plan they were starting...WHICH WAS IN THE VERY FIRST SENTENCE...don't you hate that?

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Nice run today. Not too cold.

What does the concept car Chevy Volt and Bike Speed have in common?

Aerodynamic performace TRUMPS weight...they just figured this out via wind tunnel testing for their new electric car.

See Full Article  (I have been following the development of this car for some time)

"You will remember how Bob Lutz previously told us that the concept Volt did not do so well in the wind tunnel. We also heard from vehicle line director Tony Posawatz that it turns out aerodynamics is more important than mass or electricals for getting the Volt to make it 40 miles on a charge.

Frank Weber, E-Flex vehicle line executive states:

“The electric range of the Chevrolet Volt is most sensitive to improvements in aero, which is in contrast to a traditional vehicle program in which mass typically plays a larger role.”

GM now tells us through aggressive work in their state of the art wind tunnel, and through the efforts of a team of designers headed by Bob Boniface, they have made significant progress getting the Volt more aerodynamic; hence the new design above.
Aerodynamics apparently accounts for about 20% of any vehicle’s efficiency.

Ed Welburn, GM VP Global Design states:

“I’m proud to say that after extensive aero development of the Volt, and more to come, we have achieved a vehicle that had a coefficient of drag that is more 30% lower in drag than the original concept,”…“It’s not easy, but it is a necessity.”

Rainy all day.  Considering the workout in the woods yesterday, best to relax.

Thought: would singling out a 'Strength' forum make the issue worse???  Would this backfire on the stated intent?

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