• 27m 35s
  • 1200.00 yards
  • 02m 18s /100 yards

MS: 4x200, 1x400
15' hot tub

I'm exhausted. Got a lot done in a week as I was able to send the kids to my parents.  As with any home improvement project of this scale, tri-training tanks.  This is the last of the big projects as the conversion from duplex to single family home is now functionally complete.

Installed fake hardwood floor (Sam's Club brand), trimmed.  (I hate trim)
Late-night home improvement.  Primer and paint walk in closet and entire bedroom.
Late-night home improvement. Sand drywall, final coat of plaster.
Late-night home improvement. Drywall up.  Installed a partial wall and doorway to bedroom (this was our walk in upstairs livingroom).
Late-night home improvement.  Studs and lights installed for new walk-in closet space.
Not sure why I was thinking about this...I was watching a dove walk around my lawn.  If you have read anything in my log, I infrequently rant about something that I feel very strongly about.  One of those things were the uses of pesticides/herbicides/insecticides on the lawn and around the perimeter of the house.  As I have voiced in the past, I feel that there is a contributing link between these killers chemicals and autism, other developmental diseases in our children.  Heck, even cancers, etc in adults.  Anyways I won't go off on that as I have wrote in the past about it but watching that dove walk around my lawn made me think that one of the biggest links between transmission of these chemicals from the lawn to our children inside the house is the family dog or cat.  Yes....Fido and Fluffy.  We let them out on our 'chemlawn', they play, romp and ALWAYS roll around.  We let them back in our house.  Our kids pet them, put their heads on their fur, etc...very direct method to ingesting.  Not a lot of these pesticides get inside us on a daily basis, but lot of 'trace' chemical exposure everyday is a lot over time - especially to a childs developing brain. 

The lawn doesn't have to be perfect.  Dandelions, some clover gives a lawn some character and makes it more natural.  These co-habitants are ok to have...as long as it's green right?

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