• 19m 30s
  • 900.00 yards
  • 02m 10s /100 yards

10' hot tub

  • Calories out: 2748 From lifestyle:2573, From activities:175

We are running on a new webserver as of this morning.  I do have to admit, I could have done a little better on communication for the outages.  I did FB and Twitter about what was going on consistently on the BT FB/Twit page - even a post in TriTalk, but that probably doesn't get 3/4 of the users.

I need to do a better job in employing the 'persistent header' for problems - even if I think it will be resolved quickly.  And I did underestimate this.  Even when we had the new server ready late yesterday afternoon, I didn't realize that we had the entire filesystem on the webserver - I assumed it was on the good, database server.  So it took many, many hours last night to copy all pictures, attachments, routes, uploads to the new server - meanwhile, the old, flaky webserver went offline twice during this.  Then once the transfer of files was done (about half a million), copying over all of the webserver files - which goes a lot quicker.

What can be done to prevent this?  There are a few different sever configurations that we can utilize...though it will mean probably getting another server to sit around, though read-to-go.  It's more money but it may be worth it.

So...I'm sorry.

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