Come next week, all of this will be just a figment our your imagination.

(It may take a little longer)

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Neighborhood run while the site was down and processing a database script. I haven't done anything since Monday and needed to get something to log on the first day of the new site.

2:14 am at BT

60+ something confirmed bugfixes and enhancements today.  Damn, we they are good.  Nothing like a '...and this time I mean it!' deadline to get stuff out.

I think we are ready...ready as we will ever be.

I love my programmers.

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Programmers meeting.  24 hours until we go live with the new site.  Axteraa just told me I was nuts.  Wink Perhaps.  I'm pretty confident in the state of things.  The programmers are fixing all outstanding items today and I will be verifying later.  A few things are hard to reproduce without getting more users online using it.  And with a site as complex as this, there is no way to really 'optimize it' for speed unless you...well...go live in the environment it will be operating in.  There are many things that I DO WANT MORE USER INPUT ON that I know we will have to make changes and further optimize.  I involved the users in many parts of the redesign - but that doesn't figure out all the issues. I will involve them in the site again once it's live and solicit feedback.  There will be several things that will become apparent that need changed.  

I FULLY REALIZE IT WON'T BE 'PERFECT'... but we can indeed spend another two months easily fine-tuning, optimizing, redoing, etc.  But there is a point where you just have to 'call it' as at the end of the day, no matter when we go live, there WILL be issues. Two programmers will be online all Friday and through the weekend, just working on any bugs that come up and improving speed.  

In essence, there WILL be issues Friday and through the weekend.  No matter how long we spend debugging with a subset of users on a dev site under no load, we will undoubtedly have issues going live and issues after we are live.  It's just that kind of intensive, data-driven site.  

Relax.  Don't worry.  We have great programmers who will make sure all is fine by early next week.


More additions to the bug lists.  While the kids were at their swim lessons, I noticed a few navigational issues that need corrected.


Spent the entire day verifying bug fixes and making new lists of bugs and modifications.

While the kids were at swimming, I started a 'Pre-Live' and 'Post Live' checklist.  We will be going live this Friday.

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20' hot tub.

More bug fixing.

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Off day.

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