• 1h 25m
  • 25.00 miles
  • 17.65 Mi/hr

spin cycle
15 min wu w/ 5 min one leg drill
2 x 12 min z4 w/ 4 min recovery
2 x 15 min z3 w/ 4 min recovery

  • 15m
  • 1.85 miles
  • 08m 06s /Mi

treadmill .5 incline
brick run
first 1/2 z1
second 1/2 z2

saturday morning brick.  nothing to write home about, but the legs were shredded.  they felt like they worked in z3 and 4 the whole time, but the heart rate doesn't support that.  couple of times i almost answered the urge to cut it short, but hung in there.  looking forward to being able to do this all outside soon.  

  • 46m 13s
  • 2000.00 yards
  • 02m 19s /100 yards

300 wu
5 x 100 steady
500 kick as 25 easy 25 hard
500 pull w/ paddles
200 cd

Friday morning swim.  no lift because l left my t shirt at home.  so, i added the 5 x 100 set in.  Good swim.  the kick is about where monday's was but includes dealing with a calf cramp around the 290 yd mark.  That aside, it is a faster kick.  Happy with that.  Very happy with the 5 x 100's on 20 sec.  all under 1:45 and two under 1:40.  Not bad for off season.  

made a recoverite bottle to bring with me this morning.  I think i need to be more diligent in consuming that to see if the recovery improves between these workouts.  

weight is before workout per usual

  • 1h 00m
  • 17.00 miles
  • 17.00 Mi/hr

spin cycle
15 min wu w/ 5 min of one leg drill
5 x 4(30/30) w/ 2 min recovery
15 min z3

thursday morning spin.  mental battle as well as physical battle to get through this one.  somewhat proud of myself for staying with the plan.  was ready to just spin it out.  had difficulty getting the heart rate up this morning, though the legs and stomach say the effort was there.  body is tired.

  • 48m 44s
  • 6.20 miles
  • 07m 51s /Mi

2 mile wu w/ 4 x 30 sec pickups
4 x 200 meters z5 w/ equal distance recovery
2 x 400 meters z5 w/ equal distance recovery
2 mile cd

  • 05m

2 x 12 leg lifts w/ 5lb medicine ball
2 x 10 russian twists w/ feet raised w/ 15 lb medicine ball

a sort of glass half empty/half full morning.  the half empty part is that i cut about 2.5 miles of intervals and recovery off the run.  just didn't have it in the legs or body for that matter this morning.  the half full part is that the workout i did complete was tough and i worked hard.  there was some walking after the 1/4 mile intervals.  

Did some brief core work before the run.  

  • 1h 00m
  • 17.00 miles
  • 17.00 Mi/hr

15 min w/u w/ 5 min of one leg drill
5 x 4(30/30) w/ 2 min recovery
remainder z3

  • 25m
  • 3.13 miles
  • 07m 59s /Mi

brick run
treadmill .5 incline
1st half z1
2nd half z2

tuesday morning brick.  tough but good workout.  legs are trashed.  it will be interesting to see how they behave tomorrow morning during the run

  • 34m 14s
  • 1500.00 yards
  • 02m 17s /100 yards

300 swim for wu
500 kick w/ zoomers alt 25 easy/25 hard
500 pull w/ paddles
200 swim for cd

  • 20m

bird dog x 20
push ups on bosu ball x 12
squats w/ 30 lb dumbells x 15
leg lifts w/ 6lb medicine ball x 12
incline push ups on bosu ball x 10
side step ups x 10 each leg
russian twist w/ feet off floor and 15lb medicine ball x 10
assisted pull ups x 8 w/ 30lb assist
leg dips w/ 20 lb dumbells x 10 each leg
v-ups x 10

monday morning strength training and swim.  did the strength training before the swim.  I think that is why the first 300 is so fast.  just felt good.  with the strength training i went as far as i could with each exercise.  With the swimming the kick was an alternating 25 easy, 25 hard.  my legs are not happy with me right now.

weight is up.  not sure if that is because of the weekend, or because i am actually getting some muscle back.  probably a bit of both.  don't feel as thick as i have, so that may be a good sign

  • 1h 00m 24s
  • 8.00 miles
  • 07m 32s /Mi

2 mile wu w/ 4x 30 sec pickups in second mile
2 x 2mile z4 w/ 1 mile recovery after each interval

sunday's long run.  could not get the heart rate into z4 despite the legs feeling like they were ready to quit.  Heck, look at the 2 mile warm up with an average hr of  127 but a pace below 8 min/mile.  overall a good run.  body is tired.  

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