• 2h 51m 09s
  • 51.30 miles
  • 17.98 Mi/hr

2 full fhp loops one old fhp loop

  • 1h 03m 06s
  • 20.75 miles
  • 19.73 Mi/hr

foundation ride

  • 19m 06s
  • 2.60 miles
  • 07m 20s /Mi

brick run from pool out to Porter Town rd over King George

slightly shorter brick than yesterday's workout called for.  Took William to swim practice and then rode and ran.  good workout.  forgot the heart rate monitor in Kinston, so no information from that

today looks like a recovery day.  the planned brick got washed out by a tremendous thunderstorm and i had not planned ahead to go to the gym and use the stationary bike and treadmill.  so, i got a little house work done.

hopefully tomorrow morning will be more conducive to riding

  • 1h 27m 42s
  • 4200.00 yards
  • 02m 05s /100 yards

350 wu
300 kick
300 pull
5 x 200 steady w/ 10 sec rest
6 x 150 fartlek as 50 easy, 25 hard
10 x 100 steady w/ 5 sec rest
350 cd

decent swim for not having been in the water for 10 days.  we'll see how the run goes this evening.  good thing is i'm not running with my arms :).  The cd was 50 of breast, 50 of back (what a joke), 50 of breast and the remainder free.  

155.4 before swim, 153.4 after swim.  

no run this evening.  spent the better part of an hour sawing a log in two and then getting  the part of it out of the roof, then put the tarp on the roof over the hole.  joy.  but i won't cut my trees down.  they are why i bought this house.  

  • 1h 13m 12s
  • 23.34 miles
  • 19.13 Mi/hr

full fhp loop
full intensity ride

  • 31m 31s
  • 3.60 miles
  • 08m 45s /Mi

mother earth run

a full intensity ride.  i treat this as the equivalent of Endurance Nation's z3 ABP (Always Be Pushing) ride.  it is a tough workout, particularly into the wind.  

Mother Earth run tonight

  • 48m 17s
  • 6.00 miles
  • 08m 02s /Mi

from Sweet Peas down Lexington to Broadway out to UNC-A to Highland Park, up Highland Park to Montford, to Chester down to the cemetery around the cemetery and back up to Montford to Haywood to Patton to Market to Woodfin to Lexington and back to Sweet Peas

hills run around downtown Asheville, by UNC-A and the Riverside Cemetery in Montford neighborhood.  

Nothing today. Travel to Asheville to drop off Wilson at cross country camp then pub crawl ;) Running hills in the morning

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