• 29m 54s
  • 2.91 miles
  • 10m 16s /Mi

Easy jog. 76 with a dewpoint of 70; GROSS! Any further and I would have wanted my handheld water bottle.

  • 24m 33s
  • 3.10 miles
  • 07m 55s /Mi

Got it!! Sub-25 in my 5k race this morning!

Happy to return to this race a year after my first time, which was my first 5k! That time I was shooting for under 30 minutes (which I got @ 29:15), and this time under 25! I felt pretty confident after my speed workouts the past few weeks, not to mention all the miles I logged all spring training for the half marathon. I felt virtually certain that my old PR of 25:35 was going to be history, even if I didn't manage the sub-25.

Met up with a couple of friends at the start, and we did a very short warmup jog and then split up to start at our respective appropriate places in the pack. There were a TON of kids in this race, so there was a lot of dodging and weaving the first mile or so since kids don't tend to have a good sense of pacing (to put it mildly...). :P I didn't really mind since it's great that they are out running. I concentrated and locked into my pace of 8/mile, and it almost felt too easy, but I told myself that that was ok, the goal here was only sub-25, even if that meant 24:59. Plus the first mile of this course is downhill anyway, so I needed to conserve energy for the uphill parts later.

I didn't actually catch my first mile split at the time, but my watch logged it as 7:46. I deduced that with a little mental math shortly after and knew I was looking good. Mile 2 had some hills; nothing brutal, but still definitely noticeable and some people were walking. I still felt pretty good. I was slowly passing people and did not notice too many passing me. I passed the only water stop of the race and decided against taking any. At the end of mile 2, I had a split of 7:51 and total time of 15:37. Great; still on target with a little wiggle room!

I started getting tired in mile 3; I could tell that my breathing was more "gaspy". I just focused on holding my pace and didn't think too much about the runners around me, although I passed a few more. The route took us into the high school campus and around the track for the finish. I didn't catch my mile 3 split, but it came out as 7:30! When I rounded the corner for the last 100 meters, the finish clock was just over 24:00. A 12-year-old-ish kid flew by me like I was standing still in the last stretch, and I knew I couldn't catch him so I let him go. Breezed on in just ahead of someone who was on my tail. So, my official results were listed as 24:33 (gun time). My watch has 24:29, which seems about right since it took a few seconds to cross the start line, and I didn't start my watch until I did. My watch also lists the distance as 3.20, so I'm not sure if that's from a lack of running tangents or what. But any way you slice it, I got the sub-25! :D Really happy about it.

  • 21m 58s
  • 2.25 miles
  • -----

Three loops of 0.75 miles each, with the middle one at goal pace for Sunday's 5k (8:02-ish per mile....enough to finish under 25 minutes). Just wanted to practice the pace and concentrate on what it felt like without running too far and getting tired. Pretty much hit it, finishing the 0.75 miles in 6:02. I would call the pace "fast but not frantic", and I think I can do it on Sunday! Here's hoping.

Saturday rest, Sunday race!

  • Walking
  • 1h 00m

Just walking around campus chatting with my husband! Very quiet now that all the undergrads have moved out.

  • 16m
  • 880.00 yards
  • -----

Just 44 vigorous freestyle laps in the 20-yard pool. Don't know the exact time since I can't see the pace clock. The extra pushes off the wall from such a small pool make me look faster than I am. :P

  • 38m 42s
  • 4.10 miles
  • -----

Last speedwork session before my 5K on Sunday!

warmup: 0.5 miles, 12:00 pace
1.5 miles @ 8:13 pace (7.3 mph)
0.1 miles @ 12:00 pace
1.5 miles @ 8:20 pace (7.2 mph)
0.5 miles @ 13:20 pace

I'm feeling reasonably confident about finishing under 25 minutes in the race; just need an 8:02 pace, and the race day atmosphere should help! I think I'll do half a mile or so at goal pace on Friday just to make sure I can hit it right away on race day. Otherwise, no more strenuous running before Sunday.

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