well, I thought the cold was over but this AM I wake up feeling 50/50, it seems the cold moved to the chest. I don;t feel as sick as last week but I do feel a bit weak and with chest congestion (so coughing) Since this week is unstructured exercising I don't really have to do anything unless I feel like it or feel healthy. Hopefully I can kick this sickness away in the next couple of days though and do some running.
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EZ run

after 7 days completely off and of course recovering from my cold I got back to 'some' training today with an easy run. I'll continue to do unstructured exercise for the next week before kicking off marathon training.

last complete day off :) sill sick but not as bad as yesterday...
feeling a bit better today but still sick. good thing the weekend is here so I can ummmm SLEEP, SLEEP and SLEEP some more... I love the off season! :)
still sick as a dog. nothing much to report other than work is busy, coaching is busy and I am enjoying my down time A LOT! :)

ugghhh sick sick sick. As much as I tried to avoid the classic getting sick aftre the race case, duirng the flight I think like 90% of the people were coughing :( and at work everyone is damn sick.

this should keep me from even thinking of training though :)

3rd day of resting! yes, that is correct, today is another day of a whole lot of NOTHING! :) I am going to give me 3-4 days of total rest and then some unstructured training for 10 days before kicking off marathon training. I am still debating what Mary to do with, Phil (my best friend) and I talked about Austin before but it might be too soon so no we are also considering New Orleans and a few others on March. We'll make a choice in a week and I also need to start working on races for 2008 ugh! This whole races selling out sevelar months in advance is not fun damn it. Let me enjoy my off season without stressing about races for next year, jeeezzzz! :)

Race report is up :)  http://www.beginnertriathlete.com/discussion/forums/thread-view.asp?tid=96075


ugghh, it seems I catch a bug and now i am feeling like shit. sore throat, sniffles, headache, asthma, etc...

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