still feeling sick but much better than the previous two days. I am still spitting nasty stuff (nice visual hey? ;)) I am definitely running tonight at least 20 min EZ cuz I need it! I have the rest of the week off but I am not doing much in terms of thx giving cuz no family around but it is ok, I am planning to cook for MYSELF a turkey, some pasta, salad, veggies and of course some dessert. (I am pondering between vanilla flan or a white chocolate creme brulee) I love cooking hence sometimes I get to pamper myself with personal feast.

I will also work on training plans cuz I have several due for next Monday plus there is a few new additions to the PBM coaching athlete roster (Welcome Alaina and Philip :))


oh noooooooo.... it is snowing, agghhhhhh! it is inevitable, winter is here and that means running with tons of layers, icey roads, trainer, MoFo cold rides, etc, I am freaking out! :)  Oh well, same happens every year… I am still sick but feeling a bit better than yesterday, still I don’t think I can do any running today so I’ll wait until tomorrow.

well, I thought the cold was over but this AM I wake up feeling 50/50, it seems the cold moved to the chest. I don;t feel as sick as last week but I do feel a bit weak and with chest congestion (so coughing) Since this week is unstructured exercising I don't really have to do anything unless I feel like it or feel healthy. Hopefully I can kick this sickness away in the next couple of days though and do some running.
  • 21m
  • 3.00 miles
  • 07m /Mi

EZ run

after 7 days completely off and of course recovering from my cold I got back to 'some' training today with an easy run. I'll continue to do unstructured exercise for the next week before kicking off marathon training.

last complete day off :) sill sick but not as bad as yesterday...
feeling a bit better today but still sick. good thing the weekend is here so I can ummmm SLEEP, SLEEP and SLEEP some more... I love the off season! :)
still sick as a dog. nothing much to report other than work is busy, coaching is busy and I am enjoying my down time A LOT! :)

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