The off-season, planning next season and resuming our training.

Over the next few weeks I will be sharing with you some thoughts regarding the off-season and why is a good idea to take anywhere between 2 to 4 weeks off triathlon training in order to allow your body and mind to recover and strive for a successful 2008 season. I will also discuss some pointers in order to help you plan your next season/training and finally talk about how to address some of your specific goals on your training during the first few months of the year.

The Off-season
As athletes every year we go trough a similar scenario: we either finish with a great race/season and we get super motivated as well as eager to continue training very hard in hopes of better results next season or we finish the season with a somehow average or even disappointing race(s) and we can’t wait to get back to training and work on the things we know we could have done better. If this sounds familiar and you haven’t been able to hang up the sneakers for a few weeks... (click here to read the rest)



long seminar. no training today, just stretching session at night
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EZ run

2007 Racing Season Recap This triathlon season was by far the toughest one I’ve faced since I took upon training and racing for triathlons. When I began tri-ing 3 years back I pretty much enjoyed of a steady and encouraging development finishing races and even placing/winning my AG.

As any out of shape person I experienced fast fitness gains just by the fact that I was exercising again, although I think all those years that I played soccer in my teen years helped me develop a better aerobic base that served me well for triathlons. Within a year I finish a number of short course triathlons and a few marathons and in the next couple of years with the help of my coach Kurt Perham, I began structured training and achieving other milestones such as meeting the elite card requirements for the Mexican Triathlon Federation.

Towards the end of last year, I was very enthusiastic and motivated to work even harder through the winter and shoot to make 2007 my breakthrough year. That meant to become competitive at any race I would show up and break the 4:15 hrs barrier for the half-ironman distance.

But by October of 2006 I came down with respiratory illnesses and for 3 and half months I was unable to do any training since I was unable to breathe properly. During that time I spent it visiting MDs and getting testing done to determine what would be the cause of my sudden illness... (read the rest at: :)

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EZ run

ok, back to running (and maybe, just maybe some swimming) today! I had to finish coaching work stuff yesterday and didn't do a run but I did a 20 min stretching session before bed.

I've been thinking lately about the different projects I have in mind (coaching wise) and some ways to enhance/improve the coaching services I provide to my athletes such as advice, extra services, etc and I think I am going to work on my blog more actively to use it as a venue to deliver PBM coaching news, offer seminars/clinics/training camps and post a weekly opinion of view about training. BT is nice and all and I have met a lot of great people around but maybe it is the time of the year or something but the tone on the forum seems weird and the fact that some things are so regulated or you are not really free to express your opinion is a turn off.

Maybe I joke too much and I am way too sarcastic for people who don’t know me, maybe people is way too sensitive, or whatever, but why get frustrated in here. What’s funny though is that it seems to be a growing trend among some coaches I know and many get to frequent these sites less and less which I think is a shame for the beginners. Anyway, I’ve been lucky to develop friendships with many great coaches and now we are discussing a project to develop a venue in which we can create a venue for all of our guys to receive better coaching services in a more exclusive matter.  I’ll keep you all posted :)

After 2 weeks off (11 days completely off and 3 days with EZ runs) I am getting back into 'some' formal training focusing on my run. I will build up to run 6x a week (or 55 miles a week) for my peak training heading into the Marathon in Feb. I will also start adding a few swim and bike sessions here and there for the next two weeks to get some of it back and then start doing 3x of each to keep it in maintainance mode until the marathon. After the marathon I'll take a few days off, and two off running. On March I will switch my focus to swim/bike and kick off my final build for FL 70.3 starting at the Las Cruces training camp down in New Mexico with coach Paulo and some of his athletes (Sergio, Jonnyo, etc) for a 7 day period of LOTS of swim/bike/run!
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EZ run

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EZ run

bbbrrrrr it was freezing cold!

just came back from buying fresh baguettes so I can eat some turkey sandwiches plus another 300000000 cal in pasta, mashed potates, dessert, etc! Oh yeah I will run later tonight like 30 mins so I don't feel as guilty :) (I think I am going to have to eat turkey for a few weeks! LOL)

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